Why use Sponsored Brands

Drive awareness and discovery of your brand and product portfolio with customizable ads that appear in Amazon shopping results.

Build brand awareness

Help increase visibility and decide how you want to present your brand to customers through an immersive environment with custom headlines.

Connect shoppers to your products

When Amazon shoppers click on your brand logo, they're taken to a Store or custom landing page. When they click on a product in the ad, they're taken to the product page.

Control costs with CPC ads

You pay only when customers click your ads. Control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.

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How advertisers can use Sponsored Brands

If you're an emerging brand on Amazon, Sponsored Brands can help you engage shoppers as they browse and discover products on Amazon. You can customize the headline to call out what makes your brand unique and display examples of your product selection.

A more established brand might use Sponsored Brands to stay top of mind with shoppers and increase brand loyalty. Help encourage repeat business by using your Sponsored Brands ad to send customers to your Store, providing opportunities for them to find additional products in your catalog that they may be interested in.

Sponsored Brands also offers unique reporting with new-to-brand metrics, helping you measure the number of first-time customers or total first-time sales your brand acquired on Amazon in the past 12 months.

Case study

"Amazon Ads has absolutely enabled us to reach new customers and improve awareness of our brand to a population who we just wouldn't have been able to reach."

– Neal Mercado, Chief Marketing Officer, Designs for Health

Set up a Sponsored Brands campaign


Set your campaign duration and budget. Create and customize your ad, including the headline and which products to feature.


Decide which keywords to target and how much you want to bid for clicks.


Submit your ad for review. It will be reviewed within 72 hours.


Who can use Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are available for professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, book vendors, and agencies. Products and features may not be available in all marketplaces.

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Where will my Sponsored Brands ads appear?

Your ads may be displayed on top of, alongside, or within shopping results. Ads may appear on both desktop and mobile.

How much does Sponsored Brands cost?

With CPC ads like Sponsored Brands, you bid the maximum amount that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks an ad for your product. The more competitive your bid, the more likely your ad is to be displayed when it matches a shopping query.

What categories are not eligible for Sponsored Brands?

At this time, adult products, used products, refurbished products, and products in closed categories are not eligible for advertising. For a full list of permitted and prohibited categories review the creative acceptance policies for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products.

What results can I expect from Sponsored Brands?

We provide a range of tools and reports that help you analyze campaign performance and measure success. New-to-brand metrics allow you to measure how many first-time customers your campaign drove in the last 12 months. Other reports provide campaign and placement performance, ad clicks, sales, and advertising cost of sales (ACOS) represents your ad spend as a percentage of sales. Once you have launched your campaign, you can view performance via the graphical dashboard or view downloadable reports on the reporting page. Use these reports to identify successful tactics and optimize your campaigns.

What are new-to-brand metrics, and why should I use them?

With new-to-brand metrics, you can measure orders and sales of your products generated from first-time customers of your brand on Amazon. These metrics allow you to track the number of first-time orders for products within your brand, the percentage of total orders that are new-to-brand orders, the total sales of new-to-brand orders, and the percentage of total sales that are new-to-brand sales, all within a 12-month look-back window.

We recommend using new-to-brand metrics to supplement metrics like advertising cost of sales (ACOS) or return on ad spend (ROAS). For example, Sponsored Brands ads help drive brand discovery with shoppers in the discovery stage and helps brands reach new customers. Driving first-time purchases can often cost more than driving repeat purchases, so ACOS or ROAS alone would not measure the impact of Sponsored Brands in growing your brand audience.