Whole Foods Market in-store attribution

February 16, 2021

What launched?

Amazon DSP now supports ad-attribution for purchases made at Whole Foods Markets in the US.

Why is it important?

In addition to measuring online impact, advertisers with products sold by Whole Foods Market will be able to view overall campaign performance and effectiveness for both online and in-store impact. When creating an order, you will need to select the Whole Foods Market US domain in the Amazon domain drop down within the conversion tracking section. For more information on how to create an order, visit our help center.

To view the purchases, you will need to create a report through the custom report template in the Amazon DSP report center by selecting products in the dimension section. You will find results located in the marketplace column of your report. For more information on how to create a custom report, visit our help center.

Note: In-store attribution is only included for audiences indicating Prime membership during purchase.

Whole Foods Market US domain in Amazon DSP



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