Fire tablet with Special Offers

Fire tablet with Special Offers is a unique advertising platform that supports a wide range of creative executions on the wake screen of a Fire tablet. A wake screen ad product consists a full screen advertisement that appears when the device turns on.

Creative Guidelines

All Fire tablet creatives should be balanced, simple, respectful, and smart. Learn more on the Fire Tablet Creative Standards page.

Creative Executions

Static wake screen

Use a static image on the wake screen to showcase a compelling message. May be combined with Autoplay video and Panels.

SLA: 10 business days

Animated wake screen

Include a subtle animation that begins when the device is turned on. May be combined with Panels.

SLA: 15-18 business days

Amazon video ads

A muted inline video starts playing automatically when the device screen is turned on. Tap the video to watch with sound. May be combined with Static, Panels, and Click to full-screen video.

SLA: 10 business days

Templated Amazon video ads

A templated version of Amazon video ads with simplified asset requirements. Not combinable with other creative execution types.

SLA: 4 business days


Include up to 3 “panels” of content on the wake screen; tap each thumbnail to reveal additional ad content. First panel may be Static or Animated, and may include Autoplay video or Click to full-screen video.

SLA: 10-18 business days

Interactive wake screen

Tell an interactive, animated story on the wake screen. Prompt users to tap on the screen to reveal unique features, benefits, or experiences.

SLA: 18 business days


Contact an Amazon Media Group representative to learn more about fully customized wake screen executions.

Destination Types


Standard destinations link to Amazon detail pages and browse nodes, sign up pages, and URLs. These open an Amazon shopping page (products, movies, apps, music, etc.) or in the Silk browser.

Advertiser-supplied URLs - and any secondary pages they link to - must be fully functional and render properly within the Silk browser on Fire devices in both landscape and portrait orientations.

  • All interactive elements (links, form fields, etc.) must function as intended.
  • Navigation items, text, and graphics may not be cropped, overlapping, misaligned, or contain unintentional line breaks.
  • Video must comply with current HTML video standards. Flash video may not be used.
  • If present, services that automatically detect or prompt a customer to enter their physical location must be functional.
  • All key page elements must load within four seconds when a strong wireless connection is present.

Click to full-screen video

Tapping on the call-to-action button opens up a full-screen video experience. Link to long-form videos that begin playing automatically with sound. The video resolves in a branded end-slate with two additional call-to-action buttons.

Campaign Landing Pages

Campaign Landing Pages are temporary brand pages tied to advertising campaigns. These showcases additional information associated with an ad campaign: videos and hero images, brand pages associated with a marketing event, or terms and conditions for a promotion on Amazon. Opens in the Amazon shopping app or in the Silk browser.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages, designed and built by Amazon Creative Services, are displayed in a specialized webview. In order to accommodate the device’s status and softkey bars, the exact dimensions of these landing pages are smaller than the device’s screen size. The status bar is located at the top of the screen in both orientations. The softkey bar is located at the bottom of the screen in portrait orientation and at the far right of the screen in landscape orientation.

Contact an Amazon Media Group representative to learn more about fully custom landing pages.


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Supported Device Generations

Available on devices Gen 7 and up.