Non-Standard Media

In addition to supporting standard ad units, offers a variety of unique ad products that are closely integrated with the shopping experience.

Amazon Video Ads

Amazon Video Ads allow advertisers to effectively reach Amazon customers with targeted video on Amazon’s websites and mobile apps, across phone, tablet, and desktop placements.

Billboard Below The Fold (BTF)

The Billboard Below The Fold (BTF) ad is a billboard sized display ad that runs on the Amazon Home Page and Amazon Detail Pages. Advertisers can reach a large, targeted audience, driving product awareness and consideration.

Daily Deals Site Stripe

The Daily Deals Site Stripe is an opportunity to reach deal-savvy customers, who are actively shopping for special offers on and

Seller Central Ads

Seller Central Login Page Rectangle
A truly unique, high-impact ad unit that dynamically increases in width as the size of the screen increases. One of Amazon’s largest ad units, this placement is sure to capture small business owners’ attentions as they login to seller central.

Seller Central Home Page Rectangle
A prime location on the Seller Central entry page which serves as the seller’s dashboard where he/she can pull key business information.

Seller Central Application Pages Button
This high-profile placement is targeted to merchants as they perform core business activities including managing inventory, orders, products or payments.

Sponsored Brands video offers advertisers a content-rich medium in which to make a direct connection with Amazon customers through videos in desktop and mobile search results. These ads are shown in the search results for select keywords that are relevant to your product. Customers can click through to the detail page for the product being advertised. Sponsored Brands video is not available for off-site placement and is available on iOS and Android.