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Amazon Ads has billions of shopping, streaming, and browsing signals to help connect your brand with the right customers, at the right time, in brand-safe placements.

Achieve your goals with easy-to-use solutions for businesses of any size.

Sponsored Display

Reach more customers interested in products like yours across Amazon, Twitch, and third-party sites and apps with Sponsored Display. With customizable creative elements and video formats, advertisers can showcase their brand and products through immersive storytelling.

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Advertisers who use Sponsored Display Audiences on average have seen up to 82% of their ad-attributed sales driven by new-to-brand customers.1

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands can help customers discover your brand and products with creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results.

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On average, advertisers who activated a Sponsored Brands ad campaign grew their branded searches by +59% over a 4 week period.2

Sponsored TV

Reach relevant audiences at scale across Amazon's exclusive and premium streaming content.

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175MM+ average monthly U.S. reach of Amazon ad-supported Streaming TV3

Achieve your goals with everything in small business, plus these advanced solutions.

Video ads

Reach a leaned-in audience at scale with engaging Streaming TV and online video ad solutions. Connect with customers in Streaming TV exclusive originals on Amazon Freevee, livestreamed entertainment on Twitch, live sports including Thursday Night Football, top TV and network broadcaster apps, and Fire TV Channels, or run your in-stream and out-stream video ads on Amazon-owned sites and across the web on leading third-party publisher sites.

Advertisers in the US can reach an average monthly audience of 155MM+ across Amazon ad-supported Streaming TV including Amazon Freevee, Amazon Publisher Direct, Fire TV Channels, Thursday Night Football, and Twitch.4

Audio ads

Reach unique, high-quality audiences across our audio supply, including Amazon Music, Alexa News, Twitch audio ads, and Amazon Publisher Direct. Customize with genre insights or layer in first-party insights to reach the right audience at scale.

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Amazon streaming audio ads helps you reach more than 77% of total ad-supported audio streaming hours on Alexa-enabled devices across Amazon Music ad-supported tier, Alexa News, and Amazon Publisher Direct (APD).5

Display ads

Scale your reach to more customers with display ads across Amazon properties and devices like Fire TV, Fire tablet, Echo Show, and the Prime Video app, and premium third-party content.

display ad example

Fire TV display ads provided a median 125% incremental reach when added to STV video ad campaign(s).6

Custom and out-of-home ads

Connect to new customers in innovative and impactful ways. Our custom sponsorships are attention-capturing, tailor-made experiences that run on Amazon properties such as Prime Video live sports broadcasts, Amazon Music concerts, gaming events, and Amazon Freevee, as well as on-package advertising, in-show virtual product placements, and more.

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  • Educational resources

    icon of two people in circle with speaker phone

    What is marketing reach? Here's everything you need to know.

    There are many ways that reach can be an important factor in your advertising campaigns and marketing strategy. We’re breaking down the basics here for advertisers of all levels.


    What is brand reach?

    Brand reach is the total number of potential customers that come into contact with your brand. This can include customers reached through brand awareness campaigns, online or in-person advertising, social media, thought leadership, and more.

    Why is brand reach important?

    Brand reach is important because it is indicative of the number of potential customers your brand could access. The larger your brand’s reach, the greater the likelihood your brand has to build awareness and loyalty to drive sales.

    How do you increase brand reach?

    Brand reach can be increased in a number of ways, including brand awareness campaigns, product advertising, and telling your brand story. Most importantly, a brand must be able to identify its desired audience and increase its presence in the areas where they shop and live.

    How do you measure brand reach?

    The way to measure brand reach is largely based on the objective of the brand and its initiatives when expanding reach. These metrics can include site traffic, sales conversions, video views, and more.

    What is marketing reach?

    Marketing reach refers to the measurement of the size of the audience that has seen your ads or campaign content. Reach measures your actual audience, and marketing reach measures the potential customers a campaign could reach. These can refer to specific audience segments or to a broader percentage of the population


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