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Increase traffic

Drive traffic and inspire action

Maximize customer engagement and product education by driving traffic to your Store on Amazon or brand site with the help of unique Amazon Ads insights and ad formats.

Achieve your goals with easy-to-use solutions for businesses of any size.

Sponsored Products

Take shoppers looking for products like yours directly to your product detail page.

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Suggested products are 46 times more likely to be clicked on if advertised, compared to a product that is not suggested.1

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands can help customers discover your brand and products with creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results, and drive traffic to your fully branded Store on Amazon.

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On average, shoppers spend 2x longer on a brand’s Store and product detail pages after clicking on that brand’s Sponsored Brands campaign.2

Sponsored Display

Use Amazon audience signals to link interested customers to your product detail page with Sponsored Display. Our rich shopping and contextual signals help advertisers reach the right audiences in the right context.

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Advertisers who use Sponsored Display audiences are seeing up to 74% of their ad-attributed sales driven by new-to-brand customers.3

Achieve your goals with everything in small business, plus these advanced solutions.

Display ads

Drive action with high-impact display ads across Amazon properties and devices like Fire TV, Fire tablet, Echo Show, and the Prime Video app, and align with premium Amazon and third-party content.

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61% of Amazon Device Ads campaigns generated statistically significant lift in at least one brand lift metric.4

Video ads

Add interactive features to your video ads to encourage customers to learn more about your product or brand. These ads offer seamless interactions with your brand or product, and the Quick Look experience allows customers to engage with CTAs like “Add to Cart” or “Shop Now” without any viewing disruption.

Interactive video ads performed 2x greater in driving consideration and interactive audio ads were 1.3x more effective across the same metric when compared to video and audio campaigns without interactive ad features.5

Audio ads

Interactive audio ads are creatives that run on the Amazon Music ad-supported tier, which include an Alexa call to action for listeners to engage with using their voice. Interactive ads help customers discover, engage with, and shop for products or brands by using just their voice or remote, making the transition from awareness to purchase easier and more seamless.

echo show

71% Amazon Audio Streamers said listening to streaming audio ads made them more likely to purchase a product.6

  • FAQs

    What is increasing traffic?

    When brands talk about “increasing traffic,” they refer to customers who take an action online to visit a product page or some other resource that exists on a brand’s site. Driving traffic can result from a call to action the brand has provided, ads that create intrigue or interest, or simply following a related link.

    Why is increasing traffic important?

    Driving traffic is important because it’s the step on the customer journey that brings customers to a brand’s product. By driving traffic to a brand’s site, a customer can learn more about the brand or the product that interests them, or even purchase the product.

    How do you increase traffic?

    Traffic can be increased in a number of ways, including brand awareness campaigns, on-page advertising, or calls to action. Amazon Ads offers solutions that help brands reach new customers, including the ones mentioned above.

    How do you measure traffic?

    The most common way to measure traffic is through traffic reports that tell a brand how many people have visited their page. More in-depth reporting—beyond page views—includes Store visitors, unique visitors, Store page views, and sales generated from your Store.


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