Measurement and analytics

Measure, refine, and optimize for success

Measure and optimize every impression with our vast range of shopping, streaming, and browsing insights.

Improve your performance

Access measurement of metrics like impressions, clicks, new customers, and more to help you understand and optimize your advertising.

Show the impact of your advertising

Demonstrate how your campaigns are performing with clear metrics on advertising cost of sales, return on ad spend, audience engagement, and more.

Understand your audiences

Our billions of insights across devices, sites, and services provide a holistic, singular view of audiences to help you better understand your customers.

Optimize your campaigns

See a complete view of your results anywhere customers spend their time by combining first- and third-party reporting, and develop an informed advertising strategy with your most effective tactics and channels.

Featured solutions

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Campaign reporting metrics

Our reporting can help you understand everything from the performance of advertised products to advanced retail and attribution sales insights to compare activity on Amazon before, during, and after your campaigns.

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Amazon Attribution

Get insight into how your non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon. With Amazon Attribution measurement, you can gain visibility into how non-Amazon touchpoints (such as search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing) help customers discover and consider your products on Amazon.

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Amazon Shopper Panel

Advertisers can access insights into shopping patterns anywhere customers spend their time from a differentiated first-party panel. The Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in, invitation-only program through which participants earn monthly rewards by completing short surveys, sharing receipts from purchases made anywhere they spend their time, and enabling ad verification for the ads they see from Amazon or third-party businesses that advertise through Amazon Ads.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based data clean room solution, with which advertisers can easily perform custom analytics using pseudonymized Amazon Ads event-level data sets, as well as their own data sets. Advertisers can only access aggregated, anonymous outputs from AMC.

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Omnichannel Metrics

Omnichannel Metrics (OCM) helps advertisers measure the impact of their ad tactics on shopping activities across retail outlets while campaigns are still mid-flight. This measurement is inclusive of ad-attributed performance online and offline, anywhere customers spend their time. These insights can help advertisers adjust budget allocation, optimize campaign tactics, and maximize media investment ROI.

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Amazon Brand Lift

Your brand can use Amazon Brand Lift to measure customer awareness, attitudes, preferences, favorability, intent, and ad recall. With participation from the sizable, representative, and engaged Amazon Shopper Panel community, Amazon Brand Lift helps provide objective and concrete measurement results.

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Amazon Marketing Stream

Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) is a push-based messaging system that delivers hourly Amazon Ads campaign metrics and information on campaign changes in near real time, through the Amazon Ads API.

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Rapid retail analytics

Rapid retail analytics provide near real-time analytics, providing the “last hour’s insights” within minutes for sales, traffic, and inventory. Programmatic access is available for these retail metrics, with information available minutes after the close of each hour.


What are marketing analytics?

Marketing and digital marketing analytics are quantitative measurements of the performance of online content, including advertising campaigns, social media, and websites. These analytics provide information from digital sources on how customers respond to or interact with your content and marketing campaigns.

Why are marketing analytics important?

Marketing analytics help advertisers better understand their audience, evaluate advertising effectiveness, and improve results for their campaigns. This helps deepen your customer insights and optimize your advertising efforts while creating more relevant advertising experiences for customers.

How do you measure marketing campaign effectiveness?

To measure your campaign effectiveness you can leverage quantifiable marketing metrics, such as click-through rate (CTR), email open rate, bounce rate, impressions, search traffic, and more. Advertising metrics quantify the performance of your campaigns, and examples include reach, conversions, and returning customer rate.