What is interactive marketing? 3 creative examples

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With the proliferation of new technology, marketing is more than a passive interaction between a brand and consumers. From tablets to smartphones, connected TVs, smart speakers, streaming services, and more, brands have more active ways to engage with their audiences across an increasingly fragmented shopping journey. To connect with audiences beyond traditional advertising through new technology in a valuable and dynamic way, brands can use an interactive marketing strategy.

What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is the process through which brands use video, comments, visuals, infographics, games, blogs, email, social media, audio, and other formats to have a bilateral exchange with consumers.

If traditional marketing was once a one-way communication between a brand and consumers, interactive marketing transforms this into a two-way exchange that involves both parties. Rather than audiences simply viewing a message from a brand, interactive marketing lets audiences be part of the conversation to actively engage with brands through collaborative experiences.

Types of interactive marketing

What’s exciting for advertisers and consumers is that interactive marketing can come in many different varieties. Brands have opportunities to get creative and engage with consumers through multiple content formats during different stages of the shopping journey. Here are a few common types of interactive marketing:



One of the earliest forms of interactive marketing is through email, through which brands are able to communicate directly with consenting consumers through messages that engage them in a conversation or to inform them about available products. Through email, brands can share interactive content like polls, live shopping carts, infographics, customer feedback requests, games, quizzes, and much more.

Streaming video


Video marketing is used by brands to engage audiences by inviting them to comment, subscribe, or interact with a call-to-action (CTA). Video can also be used in a number of other creative ways, like clickable messages on a tablet or through augmented reality experiences that let audiences interact with products. With interactive video ads from Amazon Ads, advertisers can include CTAs—such as “Add to cart,” “Add to list,” or “Buy now”—directly within Streaming TV ads.

Streaming audio


Interactive marketing isn’t limited to visual formats. With the growing popularity of smart speakers, brands use audio ads to connect with audiences during listening moments allowing them to interact with their Alexa-enable devices by voice. For example, after hearing an interactive audio ad on the Amazon Music ad-supported tier on an Alexa-enabled device, customers can simply ask “Alexa, “add to cart,” “send me more,” or “remind me” — without disrupting their streaming audio content.



Brands have an opportunity to connect with audiences in real time through livestreaming services. Whether it’s through live events or collaborations with influencers, livestreaming helps brands create real-time, two-way connections with audiences.

3 examples of interactive marketing

Samsung Italy’s Twitch streaming event

Samsung Galaxy creative fest cover

As part of their campaign to launch the latest version of their flagship smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Electronics wanted to connect with Millennials, Gen Z adults, tech enthusiasts, and mobile filmmakers in Italy. As part of their campaign, Samsung worked with Amazon Ads to develop a strategy using Twitch, Prime Video, and Amazon video ads.

Samsung Italy kicked off the campaign with Galaxy Creative Fest, a six-hour streaming event on Twitch on February 9, 2022. The event was headlined by three popular Italian Twitch creators who each unveiled a Samsung Galaxy product from the S22 product line—S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra—to their respective communities. During the livestreams, audiences were able to ask questions and discuss the Samsung products in the Twitch chat. Additionally, the three livestreams helped guide audiences to the Samsung website where shoppers could explore, learn, and purchase the brand’s products.

The Hyundai Evolve showroom on Amazon

2022 Hyundai TUCSON

In 2021, Hyundai worked with Amazon Ads to help push the process of buying a car into our modern, digital era to help reach customers where they like to shop today. Hyundai debuted their Evolve showroom on Amazon in the US, where shoppers can browse makes and models and begin the selection process, all from the comfort of their own home. With this virtual showroom, Hyundai shows their dealership inventory on the Amazon store, where customers can compare models, customize interiors and colors, estimate payments, then contact a local dealer to schedule a test-drive or make a transaction.

Purina’s “Beggin’ Boogie” campaign

Women playing dog and giving treats for dog

In 2021, Purina and Amazon Ads got pets and pet owners doing the “Beggin’ Boogie” through a branded experience marketing campaign with Alexa. As part of an Amazon Ads campaign for Purina’s Beggin’ treats for dogs, they created a unique song that would play through a branded experience with Alexa, which allowed consumers to ask their Alexa-enabled device to “Play the ‘Beggin’ Boogie.’” Alexa would then play a custom throwback disco track that features a DJ voiceover and a chorus with the lyrics “Do the ‘Beggin’ Boogie.’”

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