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Buy Box Experts’ full-funnel, insights-driven ad campaign helped The Children’s Place enhance sales

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Since children grow quickly, parents often look for deals to keep their kids comfortable in well-fitted and stylish clothes. The Children’s Place (TCP), a clothing retailer for kids, wanted to show parents the great value their brand offers in an effective and efficient way.

To reach a larger audience beyond their brick-and-mortar stores, TCP began selling on Amazon in 2015. Six years later, they decided to focus even more on Amazon in hopes of increasing sales. The kids’ fashion category is competitive and fast-paced, so TCP needed to develop a robust marketing strategy to attract more attention online. In 2022, they began working with Amazon Ads partner Buy Box Experts (BBE) to better support their goals of increasing sales, profitability, and online brand awareness.

Finding TCP’s ideal audience at each stage of the sales funnel

TCP needed a strategy to help them identify and engage with their ideal audience throughout the sales funnel. BBE conducted audience research to better understand TCP’s customers. Once they identified the audience’s preferences, interests, and purchase patterns, BBE used these analytics and insights to create an optimized ad campaign.

TCP has a high repeat-purchase rate, so to increase sales and visibility, the campaign strategy focused on growing TCP’s new-to-brand (NTB) customer base. To create effective touchpoints and engaging experiences at each stage of the sales funnel, BBE tailored messaging and advertising formats to resonate with this audience. TCP used Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Products—types of cost-per-click (CPC) ads that promote brands and products—to maximize visibility. Streaming TV ads, which help brands increase their reach with video spots, also played a key role in the campaign by addressing the audience in impactful placements, such as on Freevee and Prime Video.

Optimizing the strategy depended on continuously analyzing performance results, such as engagement rates and reach levels, and making relevant adjustments. With insights from their Amazon DSP campaigns, BBE and TCP reallocated their advertising budget to the best-performing ad types across display and video. Strategic adjustments to the campaign helped to enhance their performance, maximize reach, and drive favorable outcomes across the sales funnel. Amazon DSP also made it possible to precisely locate TCP’s ideal audience, increasing their chances of driving conversions and brand awareness.

quoteUpTCP has found success in our partnership with BBE by building a foundation of consistent communication. Through this communication and openness to staying agile with business decisions, we have been able to evolve our ad strategy in a short amount of time.quoteDown
— Nicole Kanellakis, director of Amazon digital marketing, The Children’s Place

Exceeding campaign goals for TCP’s sales and NTB conversions

As a result of this advertising campaign, TCP exceeded their sales goals by 110% in March 2023 and 126% in April 2023.1 The marketing campaign also helped TCP drive NTB traffic to their Store on Compared with the previous year, they achieved an increase in NTB sales of 176%.2 In addition, after launching Streaming TV ads in March, TCP’s return on ad spend was up by 88%—and total sales were up by 167%—in April as compared with the previous month.3

Overall, the campaign exceeded TCP’s expectations. In fact, they increased their Amazon Ads marketing budget by 2x based on the successful results. BBE plans to continue using full-funnel advertising strategies backed by performance insights to drive growth and sales for TCP in a competitive market.

“We transformed challenges to triumphs,” Dave Vermeulen, director of demand-side platform growth and strategy at BBE, said, “achieving unprecedented success in the competitive kids’ fashion category.”

1-3 Source: Buy Box Experts, US, 2023