Case study

Pip & Nut and Global Overview create a full-funnel ad strategy to reinvigorate growth

Pip and nut almond butter

The Amazon Ads Partner Awards is a program that recognizes outstanding marketing campaigns that partners create for advertisers. Global Overview earned the 2023 Performance Award for their strategy involving a variety of Amazon Ads products to help reverse a sales decline for specialty grocery brand Pip & Nut.

As wellness becomes increasingly front of mind, consumers are actively seeking out alternatives to unhealthy foods and products. Specialty grocery brand Pip & Nut has responded to this gap in the market with their nutritious nut-butter spreads. They saw significant business growth on Amazon from 2020 to 2022, when more consumers were shopping online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but when grocery stores reopened, their sales declined by 10%.

Pip & Nut reached out to Amazon Ads partner Global Overview to create an ad campaign that could help refuel business growth. Pip & Nut set out several goals for the campaign: overcome declining sales, accelerate Subscribe & Save subscriptions, and increase traffic and the number of new-to-brand (NTB) shoppers.

Building a full-funnel marketing strategy

To meet campaign goals, Global Overview implemented a plan that would both optimize Pip & Nut’s existing search tactics at the bottom of the sales funnel, and drive momentum through targeted ads at the top of the funnel. Before activating their strategy, however, Global Overview ensured their Amazon presence was retail-ready by optimizing their Store and product detail pages (PDPs).

Pip & Nut had already been using sponsored ads but needed to manage their budget and strategy more efficiently. Global Overview segmented the campaigns by auto, brand, category, and competitor keywords to deliver a multi-goal strategy and connect with more customers. In addition, they further segmented their campaigns into phases of the customer journey—awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty—and then monitored each stage so that Pip & Nut could better engage their customers and measure the impact of their tactics.

Global Overview advised Pip & Nut to implement more ad types to reach new customers. Global Overview first reached shoppers browsing their category by placing Sponsored Display ads on competitors’ product display pages and encouraging newly acquired customers to sign up for Subscribe & Save. Then, they used Sponsored Brands video and Store spotlight ads to help drive traffic, gain NTB customers, and improve conversion rates.

Lastly, Global Overview implemented Amazon DSP during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help reach past purchasers and increase new Subscribe & Save customers.

Pip & Nut Sponsored Brands video example

Exceeding campaign goals

Shipped units decreased by 10% in the first half of 2022, but Pip & Nut’s ad campaign successfully reversed the brand’s downward trend. After implementing Global Overview’s Amazon DSP strategy in May, Pip & Nut saw a 52% year-over-year increase in shipped units.1

Growth continued in Q1 of 2023: Pip & Nut saw positive results compared to the previous year in the performance metrics they measured. Subscribe & Save subscriptions increased by 133%, and Subscribe & Save shipped units increased by 201%.2 Pip & Nut also achieved 132% growth in repeat purchases and an 871% increase in total ad-attributed NTB sales.3 These metrics demonstrate a boost in performance in all stages of the customer journey.

Following the success of the campaign, Pip & Nut fully embraced the value of insights-driven marketing. They then decided to invest in an always-on ad strategy to further drive new customers and create brand loyalty. This campaign confirmed Global Overview’s belief in the power of full-funnel advertising strategies on Amazon and clinched the 2023 Performance Award. They plan to replicate this approach to help all their clients reach new heights.

1-3Advertiser-provided data, UK, 2023