Case study

Jocko Fuel boosts brand awareness by creating video ads using Amazon Ads video creative services

Jocko Fuel

The founders at Jocko Fuel, an energy-drink brand, are passionate about providing customers with the cleanest and most nutritional ingredients to help them be the best version of themselves. They were interested in expanding their upper-funnel audience and brand awareness. The team at Jocko Fuel wanted to reach a larger audience through video but didn’t have suitable video assets to run a Streaming TV campaign.

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To solve this problem, the brand leveraged Amazon Ads video incentive production1 to create and launch their first Streaming TV ad campaign to drive awareness for their Jocko Greens product, which they viewed as a great entry point into the brand. The Jocko Greens dietary supplement is a blend of organic greens and superfoods that supports gut health, immune support, and easier digestion.

Jocko Fuel worked with Amazon Ads and a trusted third-party production company to define their target audience and identify two creative concepts. They produced a 30-second interactive video, featuring a QR code that drove to Amazon, in under two months. The custom end card included an “Available at Amazon” mention, their brand logo, and a unique slogan, which helped boost brand recognition.

Jocko Fuel’s Streaming TV campaign led to non-attributed brand search volume that indexed 36% above the search volume 28 days prior to the campaign launch. With the implementation of a QR code, Jocko Fuel saw a 10% lift in ad-attributed detail page view rates2.

Jocko Fuel’s Streaming TV campaign

Results are reflective of one campaign for one advertiser and are not indicative of future outcome.

1 Amazon Ads video incentive production is intended for first-time video advertisers
2 Amazon internal data, US, 2023