Govee engages customers through Stores and Posts to build their brand presence on Amazon

Founded in November 2017, smart home and lighting device company Govee has had one mission: to light up everyone’s space and experience. With their app-controlled, vibrant, customizable lights, the brand seeks to “make life smarter,” while elevating the atmosphere and ambiance of everyday life.

As a company that values innovation, Govee recognized the importance of growing a brand presence on Amazon. Since August 2019, the brand has launched Stores across seven countries in North America and Europe and launched on Posts (beta) in June 2020. Using vivid lifestyle imagery and engaging copy in their Stores and Posts, Govee brought their suite of smart home devices to life and gave shoppers a rich visualization of the brand’s products in action.

See how Govee uses Stores and Posts (beta) to help engage shoppers and bring their brand to life.

Earning trust through quality content

To shed a light on their brand and capture the attention of Amazon shoppers, Govee used their eye-catching and immersive content in their Stores and Posts. Their commitment to showcasing their products through high-quality content helped them build brand equity and stronger customer loyalty, which has had a meaningful impact on the business.

Additionally, creating a signature brand “fingerprint” to use across Stores, Posts, and other advertising products can help leave shoppers with a lasting impression. To maintain a consistent brand experience across Amazon, for Govee, it’s all about style. “Govee blue” is the brand’s primary color that leaves its mark throughout all of its Stores and Posts, along with a consistent, unified font.

Supporting a full-funnel marketing strategy

Govee recognized that using Stores and Posts together could help build their brand and support their business goals by reaching customers at different stages in their shopping journey. They tailored their strategy based on their different business objectives:

  • Awareness: To help build awareness of their brand among new shoppers and to reach current customers with new product offerings, Govee focused on the images and videos they share. They featured videos about their brand on their Store homepage and organized their product-specific videos on sub-pages by category to better educate shoppers. Additionally, to boost awareness with customers as they’re browsing on Amazon, the Govee team started investing in Sponsored Brands campaigns to help direct shoppers to their Store to learn more. In 2021, Govee increased their Sponsored Brands investment to drive more customers to their Stores and saw a 33% increase in Sponsored Brands-attributed sales.1
  • Consideration: Seasonal Store updates are essential for keeping Govee’s brand image relevant and sharing specific content to drive sales during traffic-heavy time periods, like back to school, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Govee organized their Store with pages for each product category, such as smart lights, LED lights, and outdoor lights, to make it easy for customers to navigate and consider their product offerings. They also use the Posts scheduling feature for key seasonal events and holidays to ensure they’re featuring relevant products that shoppers may be interested in at that time.
  • Loyalty: Govee seeks to retain their shoppers’ business and strengthen brand loyalty by keeping them up to date on the brand’s latest product releases through an informative sub-page in their Store. The sub-page’s layout, images, and videos are routinely updated and redesigned accordingly, and shoppers are welcomed back through exclusive deals for holidays or Amazon events. On average, Stores that have been updated in the past 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitors.2 Stores and Posts also provide an opportunity for the brand to build their following on Amazon and encourage loyalty among their followers. With each Store or Post update, Govee monitors their follower growth on Amazon every week, and they additionally bolster those numbers by inviting followers across social media channels to follow the brand on Amazon.

Creating a holistic brand plan

Rather than planning tactics individually, the Govee team understands that Amazon Ads' self-service solutions work better together when it comes to building and growing a brand on Amazon.

According to Lorain, Sales Director with Govee, timing is everything, and synchronizing your marketing efforts can drive a greater impact.

“Marketing initiatives should be in one step, which means your content should be delivered on Sponsored Brands, Store, Posts, and Amazon Live at the same time,” says Lorain. “Always plan ahead before key launches.”

Performance continues to get brighter

As Govee has discovered, Stores and Posts are an impactful way to gain more followers and increase brand loyalty among target audiences. Here’s how the brand has benefitted, by the numbers:

  • They saw a 7% increase in the average customer unit price since September 2019 when they launched their Store on Amazon.3
  • Their Store’s page views are 19x higher and the conversion rate is 10x higher than at launch.4
  • By posting as frequently as three to four times per week, Govee’s engagement rate climbed 23% in less than a year. Their engagement rate in July 2020 was 3.9%, but in May 2021 reached 4.8%.5

“For us, Posts are perfectly matched to our marketing strategies, and along with extensive campaigns, Posts drive more traffic to our Stores.”

— Lorain, Sales Director, Govee

To reach more customers with engaging content and to build your brand presence on Amazon, get started with Stores and Posts today.

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