GoNoodle improves app discoverability with Fire TV ads

The company

Launched in 2013, GoNoodle engages 14MM kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. This content, which features songs, dance, yoga, stretching, and more, helps teachers and parents keep kids entertained and motivated.

The challenge

As a media and entertainment company dedicated to empowering kids, GoNoodle is challenged with competing in an industry dominated by larger companies with strong brand recognition. Therefore, GoNoodle collaborated with Amazon Ads to increase brand awareness and discoverability of its app, as well as generate high-usage app installs at a low cost.

The strategy

GoNoodle used Sponsored Display on Fire TV to help boost awareness and installs of its app. Fire TV ads allow advertisers to promote apps, movies and TV shows to relevant audiences based on interests. Through the self-service-advertising console, advertisers can create these ads, monitor performance, and adjust campaign settings post-launch to maintain budget efficiency.

Amazon Ads helped GoNoodle build a campaign to engage audiences interested in family content, and its ads were shown in the high-visibility "Sponsored" row on the home tab of Fire TV. This above-the-fold placement allowed GoNoodle to display its content as part of Fire TV’s native interface. The advertising team monitored the campaign and adjusted settings, like audiences, along the way to help achieve optimal performance.

The results

Overall, GoNoodle’s campaign helped increase the cumulative reach (the number of unique users exposed through the campaign) of its app, leading to greater discoverability. The app received more than 33.7MM impressions during the three weeks that the campaign ran. The CTR (click-through rate) was 0.37%, and the app install rate was 0.20%. The cost for high-usage installs was low, and awareness and engagement metrics, such as impressions and app installs-to-click ratio, also aligned with GoNoodle’s expectations.

Based on the campaign results, GoNoodle considers TV, and specifically Fire TV ads, a good fit for their brand marketing strategy.

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