Amazon Streaming TV and audio ads drive brand lift for brokerage advertiser

A well-known online brokerage firm was interested in raising awareness, perception, and purchase intent of their brand among their next generation of customers.

Reaching an older millennial audience through Streaming TV and audio

In order to reach their desired audience, the brokerage firm decided to use Amazon Ads' unique audiences and brand-building solutions. To appeal to their customers through sight, sound, and motion, they used a combination of Amazon Streaming TV ads and audio ads with companion banners. The brand used a mix of creatives, and rotated creative featuring messages around saving for future purchases to appeal to their desired audience.

The brokerage firm measured campaign success through a brand-lift survey using an approved third-party research partner. To evaluate effectiveness of the campaign they looked at lift in brand awareness, attributes, and purchase intent.

The combination of Streaming TV and audio helped drive increases in brand metrics

The Amazon Ads campaign was successful in helping boost the firm’s brand perception of “making business as simple as possible” by +6.0%. In addition to this, the campaign outperformed Kantar Financial Services' normative benchmarks for both message association 1.3x, and purchase intent 1.4x.

Overall, the campaign highlighted the benefits of combining Amazon Streaming TV ads and audio marketing when running a brand campaign.


  • The campaign drove +6.0% lift in brand perception
  • Outperformed Kantar Financial Services' normative benchmarks for both message association 1.3x and purchase intent 1.4x