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How Logitech and Amazon Ads found an A+ strategy for reaching back-to-school shoppers in Brazil

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Whether it’s taking classes online through a laptop or bringing homework on the go with a tablet, technology has become an important educational companion for many students around the world. In 1981, Logitech began connecting people through computer peripherals, and today they are a multibrand company with products that range from gaming to music and video. Logitech, which arrived in Brazil a little over 10 years ago, knows how integral technology is in classrooms and homes for students today.

And in early 2022, Logitech wanted to connect with adult consumers across Brazil to increase product distribution for shoppers looking for back-to-school products as classes began in January through March. They worked with Amazon Ads on an “Off to College” campaign that brought together Amazon DSP and an event page in their brand Store.

Creating the right lesson plan to connect with students

The months before the start of school can be a whirlwind for many students and parents as they prep for success in the coming semester. This often means consumers are looking for products that will fit their educational needs. During this time in January through March 2022, Logitech wanted to increase the awareness for their products in the wireless category with adult Gen Z students in Brazil.

Previously, Logitech had focused on lower-funnel marketing in Brazil, but with this campaign, the brand worked with Amazon Ads to develop a mid- and upper-funnel strategy with the goal of better reaching new audiences. Logitech created the Off to College Amazon Ads event page and worked with Amazon DSP media to reach audiences related to technology, gaming, and electronics. To deliver this message, Logitech built the campaign creatives around the wireless function of their devices and the ease that this brings to the daily routine of students.

“Our brand messaging and product features allow us to connect with students and help them identify which solution better fits their needs,” said Renato Voltarelli, head of marketing for Logitech Brazil. “Be it the freedom from wires, the coolness of colors and design, the focus offered by silent products, and/or the connection from anywhere that a webcam and headset combo can provide.”

An extra-credit campaign for back-to-school shoppers

The Logitech and Amazon Ads campaign strategy proved to be an A+ effort. The Off to College event page saw 1% click-through rate (CTR) from January to March 2022.1 The Amazon DSP media campaign had 23.6 million impressions, a reach of 3.5 million, and a CTR of 0.40%.2 The campaign performed above benchmark rates for all KPIs. Using Amazon Marketing Cloud (beta), the Amazon Ads team found that during the campaign period, combining the event page with the always-on campaign strategy, the customer group exposed to all campaign strategies (sponsored ads, display, and video) had a purchase rate 20x higher than the ones exposed to only one.3

“Amazon Ads has been amazing to work with. We’ve discovered an excellent tool to reach our audiences, an effective approach, clear methodology, great feedback and reports, and, also, awesome team support,” Voltarelli said. “We will continue to invest in Amazon Ads as it continues to be a critical revenue driver.”

Voltarelli added that Amazon Ads helped Logitech reach new audiences and find better ways to reach them with the most relevant messaging—specifically during a time like back-to-school.

quoteUpAmazon Ads has been an amazing teammate to Logitech across the globe. The opportunity to connect with the Brazilian team and add our collective learnings from other regions to the local experience and drive to be disruptive has helped us reach a new level of success in our campaigns.quoteDown
— Giullia Di Sarno, head of digital marketing, Logitech Brazil

1-3 Advertiser-provided data, 2022