An apparel brand uses Sponsored Products for European expansion

An apparel brand from Guangdong, China, looked to support European sales

Carly Mo, CEO of the brand, recalls their experience on European expansion: “We started running Sponsored Products campaigns in the UK first. As we invested most of our resources in market analysis, design, and production, we started with just one marketplace as a first step. However, we felt the need to increase traffic to our products and Store to help boost sales. We were also short of staff and marketing experts.”

Automatic targeting helped drive their initiative in new marketplaces

The brand found that Sponsored Products’ automatic targeting was effortless to use, as it doesn’t require local language experts. So as they expanded their advertising efforts to Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, they relied on to this targeting tactic to launch campaigns.

"By using auto targeting, it’s really easy to run ad campaigns in multiple marketplaces. This is the most effective tool for new sellers to promote new products in a new marketplace. You don't have to worry about language barriers."

– Carly Mo, CEO

The result was exciting: Sales in the UK increased by 11%

The brand noticed a halo effect from expanding their ad reach to other European countries. After launching Sponsored Products ads beyond the UK, they observed a lift in product visibility not only in those new countries, but also in the UK. As orders started to come in one marketplace, they felt it helped with sales growth in the others.

  • UK sales increase. Three months after launching Sponsored Products ads in other European marketplaces: +11%
  • Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Three months after launching Sponsored Products ads: +210% in impressions; +145% in sales

"The campaigns performed well for us in the European marketplaces we expanded to. Our ACOS (advertising cost of sales) in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain were about 12%, and 19% in the UK. We’re confident that with the ongoing improvements we’re making on our ads, we’ll reach even better results."

– Carly Mo, CEO

The tips: Use automatic targeting and keep your campaigns always on

Finally, Carly shares the key to their success. “We launched automatic targeting campaigns in European marketplaces and keep them always on. We adjust campaign settings by constantly checking reports, following budget suggestions, etc. We also keep studying ads strategy through official channel communications and leverage the knowledge to improve our campaigns.”

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