Healthy snacking pioneers Hippeas drive brand awareness with Amazon Ads

Hippeas is an organic chickpea puff brand with a mission to “change snacking for the better.” In 2017, the brand started selling on Amazon. It built a Store that communicates its value proposition and showcases its packaging, helping to drive strong engagement right away. Soon after its Amazon retail launch, it began working with Amazon Ads toward achieving its two main goals: brand awareness and trial. To do this, it implemented a holistic strategy that includes sponsored ads to help drive consideration and purchase, display ads to reach audiences who are shopping for products similar to Hippeas, and video ads on Amazon DSP to help promote its brand message both on and off Amazon.

Watch the video to learn more about Hippeas’ integrated approach to advertising on Amazon.

quoteUp“Our Store is a pride factor for the brand. It’s probably the best opportunity for us to show what the brand is truly about. Customers can learn more about the product, and engage with the brand.”quoteDown
– Josh Francis, Executive Vice President, Hippeas