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Stay up to date with the latest releases from Amazon Ads. Here we’ll publish announcements for new products, features and updates for Amazon Ads solutions as they’re released.

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Unify your Amazon Ads strategy with Amazon Ad Server

3 April 2023

Amazon Ad Server uses Amazon Audiences to enhance creative optimisation on Amazon DSP campaigns and combines cross-media and Amazon-specific insights in Amazon Marketing Cloud.

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Shorter campaign minimum run time for Amazon Audience Guaranteed (beta)

9 February 2023

Brands with upcoming product launches, peak shopping periods, theatrical releases, tune-in promotions or timely and short flight promotions are now able to run campaigns for a minimum length of five days on Amazon Ads’ self-service Streaming TV ad solutions.

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Sponsored ads and Stores launch in Belgium

25 January 2023

Advertising is now available in Belgium. Help expand your global presence by advertising with Amazon Ads.

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