CPG brand turns to Amazon Marketing Cloud to capture unique insights

Hoping to deepen understanding of media performance

A CPG brand utilised a combination of streaming TV ads, also known as over-the-top (OTT), and display ads to promote their flagship products. They wanted to better understand the effectiveness of streaming TV campaigns in delivering incremental audience reach, and the impact of streaming TV ads and display ads on lower-funnel actions.

Performing analysis in Amazon Marketing Cloud

The brand partnered with Amazon Ads data science teams to evaluate signals in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon Ads’ new holistic measurement and analytics solution. With AMC, the brand was able to enrich their advertising measurement and perform custom analytics in a secure, privacy-safe and dedicated cloud-based environment.

Discovering unique insights on media performance

Through AMC and the Amazon Ads data science team, the brand discovered that adding streaming TV to their existing display ad buys drove incremental reach and conversions. Specifically:

  • 92% of the audience reached by their streaming TV ad campaigns was a net-new audience that was not reached by their existing Amazon DSP campaigns
  • Audiences exposed to both streaming TV ads and display ads were 2X more likely to make a purchase than those exposed to only one media type

The brand’s media team used these insights to optimise their media mix strategy and budget allocation.

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