Case study

Explore how Balanced Breed and Graphic Rhythm used Sponsored Brands to reach new shoppers

Dog vitamins and a dog resting on grass

Balanced Breed is a small, US-based family business with a bighearted mission to combine the healthiest organic ingredients to create pet supplements that provide dogs and cats with vital nutrients, without any chemicals. Founded by Jeremy Schulz, the brand has been advertising in the Amazon store since their launch in December 2021.

After self-managing his advertising campaigns for a few months, Schulz sought an agency to help define his brand and educate shoppers on the pet health research that went into the creation of Balanced Breed. He finally landed on Graphic Rhythm, a partner that he found through a referral from another Amazon selling partner.

Getting a plan together

By April 2022, Graphic Rhythm worked with Balanced Breed to build out a service called the “ultimate listing bundle”. This included a strategy full of creative content that established Balanced Breed’s brand presence. Some of the key areas of this listing bundle included:

  • Retail-readiness elements: Graphic Rhythm incorporated a gallery of product imagery, strong product titles and at least three informative bullet points for their product detail page listings. The agency also created robust custom product descriptions for top Amazon standard identification numbers (ASINs).
  • Engaging and educational A+ content: Creating custom imagery for Balanced Breed allowed Graphic Rhythm to build out Posts (beta) for the brand. Posts inform shoppers about products in a brand’s unique voice, and can link up to 10 ASINs in each post.
  • Video: Graphic Rhythm found success in refining Balanced Breed’s video approach to focus on creating kinetic videos to use on their Store and Sponsored Brands video campaigns.

All of these elements were created to be optimized during mobile browsing. Once customers found the brand’s Store, Posts or sponsored ads, these products helped Balanced Breed get their message across while shoppers were browsing.

Results in 90 days

Using the Posts report from Amazon, within 90 days of launching the brand’s advertising content, Graphic Rhythm helped Balanced Breed increase their brand reach by 18% with the help of Posts and their Store.1

quoteUpWe created all of the assets for Balanced Breed, from their listing images to their storefront and videos. The brand has been great, and the fact that they have a clear vision made us all much more successful.quoteDown
– Ian Bower, owner, Graphic Rhythm

1 Source: Balanced Breed, United States, 2023.