DemandHelm helps Zoom boost ROI with rapid retail analytics

Zoom recording device

Zoom Corp is a consumer electronics brand that develops innovative, cutting-edge technology for creators. They design and produce a wide array of recording devices, multi-effects processors, effects pedals, digital mixers and samplers. These products are trusted worldwide by sound designers, musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, location sound professionals and electronic news gatherers.

Zoom wanted to optimize their Amazon Ads strategy by improving campaign efficiency, return on ad spend (ROAS) and sales. To help them achieve their goal, Zoom partnered with DemandHelm, a solution provider that offers a proprietary technology platform that helps brands visualize insights, uncover trends, increase reach and grow sales in the Amazon store.

H6 Zoom handy recorder

Zoom Sponsored Brands ad featuring their portable recorder

Uncovering hourly retail and ads insights

To help Zoom optimize their Amazon Ads strategy, DemandHelm helped surface opportunities for greater precision, uncovering insights that would help inform strategy. This would include both performance and retail insights, available at an hourly level, to inform intra-day campaign optimizations. To do so, DemandHelm used information from both Amazon Marketing Stream and rapid retail analytics.

Amazon Ads performance insights are available at an hourly level through Amazon Marketing Stream, providing Zoom with an understanding of which hours of the day lead to the greatest sales, conversion rates and ROAS. Rapid retail analytics provides the hourly retail information, enabling holistic optimization of Amazon Ads campaigns with retail performance metrics, such as ordered units and ordered revenue, summarized hourly and by Amazon standard identification number (ASIN). With rapid retail analytics, DemandHelm can provide more holistic insights into Zoom’s performance in the Amazon store, including organic performance, with total orders, sales and inventory metrics summarized hourly.

Informing intra-day strategies

By joining performance and retail insights, Zoom could now make more informed hourly optimizations, such as increasing ASIN-level campaign bids during hours where product detail page views, conversion rate and ordered units are high. Using the DemandHelm platform, Zoom could automate hourly optimizations using advanced dayparting, and allocate ad spend during the hours with greater performance.

Access to these hourly performance and retail insights together has enabled smarter intra-day decisions, helping clients like Zoom leverage new optimization signals that help increase brand performance.

quoteUpAt DemandHelm, our integration with rapid retail analytics has allowed us to build powerful visualizations that help empower our clients to make better decisions. Allocating advertising budgets, scheduling deals and driving external traffic during peak time periods helps our clients improve their ROI and conversion rates.quoteDown
– Jon Short, VP of customer success, DemandHelm

Analyzing the results

Eric Battin, vice president of sales and planning at Zoom North America, says, “We now have a much deeper understanding of how and when customers shop for our products, informing our hourly advertising optimizations and improving our ROI.”

After implementing advanced dayparting, with inputs from rapid retail analytics and Amazon Marketing Stream hourly performance metrics, Zoom observed the following performance improvements, comparing performance between 21 April to 26 May 2023 (last 35 days) and between 23 March to 20 April 2023 (previous 35 days).

  • A 12% increase in conversion rate1
  • A 7% increase in ROAS2
  • A 145% increase in sales3

Allocating budget during optimal times of day, increasing higher conversion rates and unlocking incremental spend due to improved efficiencies helped improve performance.

1–3 Source: DemandHelm, United States, 2023.