Find a healthy glow with premium skincare shoppers looking to discover new products

16 December 2021 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

For many people a good skincare routine can be rejuvenating: The warm water splashing your face, the delicate cleanser washing your skin, the moisturizing lotion coating your face – those are some of the sensations a good skincare experience can provide for many customers. From face serums to face masks and everything in between, premium skincare shoppers are on the hunt for the next great product to fit their beauty needs, and brands have the opportunity to help inspire these customers on their shopping journeys.

The online beauty retail category, which includes premium skincare, generated 13.5 billion dollars in retail sales in 2021.1 And this category is expected to double in the next five years, according to eMarketer research.2 With this type of growth, beauty brands have the opportunity to expand in this space to help meet the demands of customers looking to discover new beauty products.

One in three premium skincare customers use Amazon while on their shopping journeys, according to a recent survey by Kantar and Amazon Ads.3 These shoppers said they use Amazon as a discovery destination in order to engage with brands and to learn more about products. In fact, 64% of premium skincare shoppers visited Amazon as they were just starting their research.4 Even if customers end up purchasing from elsewhere (like another online store, or a brick and mortar store), premium skincare shoppers use Amazon to find new brands and products, with 86% of shoppers saying they’ve found new brands and products while on Amazon.5

Key factors premium skincare shoppers are considering

For premium skincare shoppers, there are a few factors they consider when deciding on a product to purchase. One of those factors is brand name, with two in three shoppers saying brand name is an important factor on their shopping journeys.6 In addition, these shoppers are browsing by brand name in Amazon’s store during their discovery phase.

Other factors premium skincare shoppers consider when deciding on the best products for them are ratings, recommendations and brand comparisons. 38% of premium skincare customers said they found the products they were looking for with the help of product recommendations and ratings on Amazon. And 37% of shoppers said they use Amazon to compare brand and product attributes, which helped them decide which products to buy.7

Many premium skincare customers are looking for products that fit their skincare needs, with hydration being cited as the number one reason for many customers.8 Other top skincare needs include anti-aging, acne and blemish, and brightening skin.9 Brands may want to consider creating messaging campaigns that showcase how their products can help customers address their skincare needs.

Understanding premium skincare shoppers’ purchase experience

Whether it’s looking to achieve a clearer look or boosting skin hydration, shoppers turn to Amazon to help them find new products and to help them feel more informed about the purchases they are making. In fact, 64% of premium skincare shoppers said information they found on Amazon helped them feel more confident in their purchases. The information premium skincare shoppers find can help them make better purchasing decisions, with one in four shoppers buying the products they researched in Amazon’s store.11

How brands can help premium skincare shoppers find the products they need

When it comes to showcasing products to premium skincare shoppers, brands may want to consider using digital marketing strategies like Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products, to help shoppers find the products they’re looking for. Digital ad solutions could help customers along their path to purchase. For example, 84% of premium skincare shoppers that visited Amazon recalled seeing an ad.12

In addition, brands looking to reach and engage premium skincare shoppers may want to consider adopting strategies to help inspire these shoppers find new product offerings. Strategies like expanding reach by including related categories that premium skincare shoppers visit could help brand build awareness with customers. In addition, adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy could help brands engage audiences across various touchpoints on their customer journeys. And using an always-on approach could help brands stay top of mind for audiences. These strategies could help inspire and educate premium skincare shoppers so that they can find the right products for their beauty needs.

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