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May 16, 2022 | By: Gabriella Kursman, Marketing Manager

Di Wu, VP of Data Science at Jellyfish

Di Wu, VP of Data Science at Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a marketing performance company that helps brands by navigating, connecting, and harnessing solutions that drive growth. Jellyfish's global structure combines consultancy, training, and technology to help their clients achieve success across the funnel of online retail.

Di Wu, VP of Data Science, leads the global data science capability at Jellyfish. She has extensive experience in this field with in-depth knowledge in advertising technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech). She has worked the past 15 years in both agency and client-side roles for some of the world’s most recognizable brands and has a passion for driving business outcomes with insights, machine learning, and automation. Amazon Ads sat down with Di to discuss how Jellyfish uses Amazon Marketing Cloud to help optimize their clients’ marketing investments.

What benefits have you seen by using Amazon Marketing Cloud, or AMC? What success have you seen with your advertisers adopting AMC?

We love that AMC is this privacy-safe measurement solution that provides event-level signals. The measurement transparency and optimization flexibility enabled by AMC gives marketers the opportunity to connect different signals to build rich and powerful insights.

AMC brings Amazon DSP, sponsored ads, and conversion signals under one view. Additionally, it provides the ability to utilize advertisers' first-party offline information, allowing for greater visibility and actionability on retail campaigns. We have seen the following benefits of AMC for our clients. These are just a few scenarios, but there are many options when it comes to different analyses:

  • Break through the limitations in standard reporting which is often restricted by the specificity and number of attributes or available metrics. With AMC, you can customize the analysis to align with your specific business needs.
  • Access to Amazon Ads event-level ad-attributed signals that are not available elsewhere. Advertisers can then run analysis using standard or custom attribution model to allocate credit across campaigns.
  • Calculate the true business value and uncover new insights by combining client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information lifetime value (LTV) assessment, or D2C sales events with what’s already in AMC, allowing for custom use cases with greater business value.
  • Scale and automate reporting and analysis as reporting solutions can be created by streamlined operations using AMC APIs.

How are your clients using AMC?

Our clients have been using AMC to get deeper insights on their multi-channel media activations with Amazon Ads. Based on those insights, they have been able to decide how to best manage their media activations. We support our clients with a number of insight modules, such as frequency analysis, shopping journey, and audience analysis to provide a strong audience strategy. While we are still in the early stages of the signal upload function, we have already seen benefits in adding client offline conversion information in AMC to understand the media effectiveness for various first-party audience segments.

What recommendations or actions have you taken for your Amazon DSP and sponsored ads campaigns based on AMC insights?

We ran a frequency analysis in AMC for a toy company, and used the insights to identify the optimal reach frequency. By setting a frequency cap for their over-exposed campaigns, the client was able to effectively reduce wastage on media spend.

With audience overlap analysis, we were able to identify synergies between Amazon DSP and sponsored ads, or even between strategies (prospecting vs remarketing) on a specific channel for many clients. We then helped our clients determine which channels and strategies should be used together and re-assess their budget and audience strategy accordingly.

Analysing the reach and the affinity score of different audiences in AMC is also a huge treasure. It provided a way to uncover highly engaged audiences, and allowed us to build brand personas and audience strategies that were more relevant to the client’s business logic.

How do you help advertisers get started with using AMC?

Advanced analytical and technical skills are essential in making the best use of AMC. Many brands don’t always have these types of skillsets in-house, and need help to uncover relevant and actionable insights.

At Jellyfish, we have established methods to help optimize clients’ marketing performance using AMC, such as:

  • Reach and frequency analysis: What is my optimal frequency for conversion? What is my budget distribution across impression frequency?
  • Audience overlap: What campaigns have overlapping audiences and how much spend is being duplicated?
  • Audience insights: Which audience segments are highly effective? How can I customize my audience segments in AMC that are more relevant to my business objectives?
  • Product halo effect: How do Amazon media campaigns for one product or product line affect another?

We offer the following AMC related services for our clients:

  • Set up and activation
  • Analysis objective consultation
  • Event signal audit and offline signal upload
  • Reporting, analysis, and automation

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