Climate Pledge Friendly: Helping customers discover and shop for more sustainable products

January 25, 2021

You may have noticed a new badge alongside certain products while shopping in Amazon’s store. The badge represents products that qualify for Amazon’s new Climate Pledge Friendly program, recently launched in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Climate Pledge Friendly products have met one or more sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world.

We know that consumers are looking to shop more sustainably. Climate Pledge Friendly makes it easier for customers to discover and shop for products with sustainability certifications.

How you can promote your Climate Pledge Friendly products

To help you increase discoverability of your Climate Pledge Friendly products and connect with consumers who want to shop more sustainably, Amazon Ads offers a few solutions.

Create a separate "aisle" to showcase your Climate Pledge Friendly products

An easy and free step you can take is to create a separate page in your brand's Store on Amazon, showcasing your Climate Pledge Friendly offerings in their own “aisle.” This simple action can help your customers discover products that align with their more sustainable shopping preferences.

Reach sustainably-conscious shoppers

Additionally, we’ve created new audiences1 based off our first-party shopping signals. For those advertisers on the Amazon DSP, not only will you have the ability to reach audiences that have exhibited sustainably-conscious behaviors, for example, purchasing Climate Pledge Friendly products, but you can also reach audiences looking to make more sustainable purchases across categories such as grocery, beauty, apparel, consumer electronics, and home. You can reach these sustainably-minded audiences when advertising with our ad solutions like Amazon Streaming TV ads and Twitch.

Drive awareness through streaming TV ads, on-box advertising, and in physical stores2

Once you have made adjustments to your Store and determined the audiences you’d like to reach, you can drive awareness of your Climate Pledge Friendly products through a special option in our Amazon Streaming TV ads solution. This video ad will have two parts: the first will explain the program via an educational video (see video below) so consumers can learn about the program and how it can help them make more sustainable choices. Immediately following the video will be your brand’s ad, highlighting your participation in the program and encouraging shoppers to check out your qualified products. By threading together the two videos, you can associate your brand with Climate Pledge Friendly without having to rework your brand ad.

Other awareness-driving options include our on-box advertising solution, which brings out-of-home displays into the home by using Amazon packages to help tell your brand story. Alternatively, you can choose to invest in a digital display in one of our physical stores, like Amazon 4-star stores or Amazon Go stores.

Advertise your Climate Pledge Friendly products outside of Amazon’s store

We also know that Amazon Ads campaigns are only one part of a brand’s full-funnel marketing plan. As a result, we have created a free toolkit that you can use outside of your Amazon Ads campaigns to help drive awareness of your Climate Pledge Friendly products.3 The toolkit includes creative assets you can use in your linear TV or digital ads.

We can all make more sustainable choices

Amazon’s mission is to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, and that includes supporting you, our advertisers, and our shared customers who want to do their part. Amazon Ads is committed to helping you showcase your more sustainable products to customers, so they’re empowered to make more sustainable choices, too.

If you’re interested in advertising your Climate Pledge Friendly products, reach out to your Amazon Ads account executive.

Learn more about sustainable marketing.

1 We’ve created new audiences across the following locales: DE, ES, FR, IT, US, UK
2 Available in the US only
3 Reach out to your Account Executive