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Updated on November 15, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

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This blog post is a part of our coverage for the annual Amazon Ads conference unBoxed. At the 2022 conference, advertising leaders gathered to see our latest products and to discuss ways brands are inventing on behalf of their customers.

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Right now, marketers are navigating many factors while trying to effectively reach relevant audiences at scale through efficient omnichannel marketing efforts. A recent report by IAB stated that “measurement is one of the advertising industry’s biggest challenges,” and nearly 60% of industry leaders expect their ad campaign measurement to be affected by uncertainties, especially with changes in ad addressability.1

We caught up with Srishti Gupta, Director of Media Measurement at Amazon Ads, to learn more about the latest trends in measurement and what marketers should consider in order to grow their business while reaching and engaging customers.

Headshot of Srishti Gupta, Director of Media Measurement at Amazon Ads

Srishti Gupta, Director of Media Measurement at Amazon Ads

What are the emerging trends you’re seeing in measurement?

New channels are popping up all the time, both online and offline, and that is continuing to increase audience fragmentation. Brands are left trying to understand how their multichannel touchpoints impact their marketing investments. But to understand how to reach relevant audiences across all these new channels requires the right analysis.

Not all insights are created equal. Having the right signals and technologies can help brands get better insights and reach their performance goals. Measurement technology like Omnichannel Metrics (OCM) that helps advertisers gain a holistic view of their campaign performance can also help brands create campaign plans, find efficiencies with midflight optimization, and drive performance. Amazon Ads is continually working to innovate within advertising solutions, with features including OCM and Marketing Mix Model.

What is top of mind for marketers when it comes to measurement challenges, and how is Amazon Ads working to help solve those issues?

Uncertainties in the economy are top of mind for many marketers. We know that some advertisers are working with limited marketing dollars, so they want to ensure their advertising investment is optimized and efficient. Providing measurement solutions that marketers can trust is always important, and we’re seeing that marketers are particularly focused on this now. A measurement strategy can help marketers understand how their campaigns are performing and resonating with audiences. This can help marketers focus on tactics that provide real performance outcomes, such as third-party incremental reach and third-party offline sales lift.

Currently, the holiday planning season is also top of mind for marketers—this a generally a big opportunity for businesses to drive growth, and engage both new and existing audiences. The insights we provide marketers can help brands optimize their campaigns midflight. This is important because when marketers can make specific adjustments toward return on investment (ROI) midcampaign, they are able to maximize their efficiency for their live campaign rather than waiting to apply learnings for the next one, ultimately improving the success of every flight.

What is Amazon Ads doing to help customers navigate uncertainties around the evolution of ad campaign measurement tools?

We’re investing in solutions for advertisers to find more efficiencies and better insights. With Amazon’s Brand Lift studies, for example, we can help Amazon DSP advertisers quantify how their Amazon Ads campaigns are driving marketing objectives such as awareness, purchase intent, and ad recall. Powered by the Amazon Shopper Panel, an opt-in, invitation-only program, we can help brands gain insights to better understand ad relevance and impact, and optimize toward business goals.

And as cord-cutting accelerates with more viewers migrating from linear TV to over-the-top (OTT) streaming video services, our Streaming TV ads can help brands reach an incremental audience at scale.

1 IAB State of Data report, US, 2022