Water purifier brand Kent drove consideration in India

Kent is one of the leaders in the water purifier category. Kent expanded its portfolio into the kitchen appliances and hygiene sub-categories (vacuum cleaners, sanitizers, and soap dispensers) in Q3 2020. The Kent marketing team worked with Amazon Ads to promote their products by driving awareness and consideration.

What made Kent try Sponsored Brands video

To communicate unique features of their Supreme series portfolio, Kent used Sponsored Brands video to provide a positive experience and perception of their products. They wanted to engage with consumers by highlighting product features of top-selling ASINs in an interactive and engaging way.

Kent developed a strategy that leveraged video creative features with Sponsored Brands video to differentiate its products and positioning and reach consumers browsing with generic keywords. They leveraged 30-second video creatives to catch viewers’ attention by highlighting benefits around multi-stage purification.

Yielding results with Sponsored Brands video

In Q3 2021, Kent’s Sponsored Brands video campaigns yielded approximately 4.8 times higher click-through rate (CTR) than its overall campaign CTRs. With this, Kent was able to increase its share of voice by 28% on the most popular keywords in the water purifier category.

"Amazon Ads has been able to help us reach relevant audiences, and Sponsored Brands video allows us to bring to life the product experience for them. The fixed time frame of 30 seconds ensured precise messaging, which has helped us break the clutter and establish our value proposition."

— Varun Gupta, Director, Kent RO Systems

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