Posts allows brands to use inspiring lifestyle images and videos to drive product discovery and engagement across customers’ purchase journeys on Amazon. Reach shoppers at no cost in organic shopping feeds with Posts, and boost any resonating content to Sponsored Brands ads.

Posts ad example. Interface shows a post, featuring an image and clickable text place in a card that sits inside of a carousel on a mobile device.

Why should I use Posts?

Posts enables you to nurture customer connections, keep your brand top of mind, and grow your brand following through the use of engaging product imagery, vertical videos, and captions in a mobile-optimized experience. Inspire and educate shoppers to discover your products, grow their interest in your brand’s story, and foster loyalty through repeat purchase.

Benefits of Posts

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Drive brand visibility

Share your voice and drive discovery of products in placements across the shopping journey.

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Experiment without the expense

Test out your marketing strategies on Amazon at no cost, assess ad performance, and use the “boost” feature to easily convert content into Sponsored Brands ads.

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Encourage effortless shopping

Link products directly to Posts to help customers seamlessly transition from browsing to buying.

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Track metrics and insights

Measure impact by tracking clicks, impressions, reach, video metrics, and more from the insights dashboard.

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Grow followers on Amazon

Help shoppers discover your brand, increase your following, and create new brand-to-shopper relationships by regularly posting branded content.

On average, brands with 10+ live posts had 2.9x more Brand Store visits and 4.1x more followers, compared to brands with fewer than 10 live posts.1

Posts insights

Customers tend to have higher engagement and purchase intent who interact with Posts during their shopping journey:


higher purchase rate2


higher average selling price3


higher add-to-cart rate4


21.7% higher units per session5


higher average order value6

We’ve seen that customers who interact with a Post end up having 72.6% more branded searches in a session compared to customers who do not interact with a Post.7

Where can Posts appear?

Posts can be found in various placements across the Amazon store, including the detail page, top of search results, Inspire tab, category feeds, and Brand Stores. If a post is “boosted” into a Sponsored Brands ad, the ad will appear in all placements where Sponsored Brands ads are shown.

How do I create a Post?


Register for sponsored ads. If you are a seller, you will have to enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry.


Sign in to your ads account.


Set up your brand profile and navigate to the Posts section.


Upload your creative following the content guidelines and acceptance policies, write a caption, and add up to five ASINs.


Schedule your Posts with a desired time frame.


Review and submit your campaign.


Who can use Posts?

Posts is available to vendors and professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, with a live brand profile. To participate in brand profile, you must meet certain eligibility requirements.

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What is a brand profile, and how do I create one?

Brand profiles allow you to showcase your brand’s unique logo, content, name, colors, and more to shoppers across Amazon. This helps you to tell your brand story and create a consistent, recognizable presence that may attract more customers.

  1. Register for sponsored ads. If you already have an account, sign in to your advertising console.
  2. Click the brand home icon in the advertising console.
  3. Click "Brand profiles" to access the brand profile information page.
  4. Fill in brand profile details following the instructions.
  5. Click “Submit” for review.

When you submit your brand profile for review, it will go through our moderation review process to ensure it meets our policies. The moderation review process is usually completed within a business day, but it may take up to three business days. We’ll email or notify you in-app to let you know if your brand profile was approved or if you need to make changes.

How much does it cost to use Posts?

Posts is free to use.

What are the rules for Posts content?

Visit our Posts content guidelines to view the requirements.

What is the average time for a post to go live?

Usually Amazon’s moderation team will approve or reject Posts within 24 hours. For first-time Posts users, a post will go live once the new brand profile is approved.

How do I choose where my posts will be displayed?

Our systems will automatically place your posts on details page, search, and follow timeline on two channels (mobile shop and mobile web) based on our algorithmic ranking models. Posts are also shown on Brand Stores Feeds, Related Feeds, Category Feeds, and Style Feeds for all channels (mobile shop, mobile web, desktop).

What is a feed?

A feed is a custom lineup of your brand’s shoppable Posts. Customers can browse, engage, click through from your brand’s feed to discover your brand stories, browse products, and make purchases.

How can I measure the performance of my Posts?

You can review metrics such as reach, follow clicks, product clicks, viewable impressions, and engagement metrics for each of your posts from the insights dashboard on the advertising console.


1-7Amazon internal data, US, Q1 2024. Results are representative of performance across 150K sampled brands specific to the advertiser and agency, and are not indicative of future performance. Amazon Ads does not guarantee similar results for other advertisers and agencies outside of US locale.