Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon.

Why use Amazon DSP

Programmatically reach audiences across the web on both Amazon sites and apps as well as through our publishing partners and third-party exchanges using Amazon's demand-side platform (DSP).

Note: Amazon DSP feature availability varies across marketplaces.

Reach exclusive audiences

Use exclusive Amazon audiences to reach new and existing customers on and off Amazon. Improve relevance and results with a single view across
devices and formats.

Access unique, comprehensive inventory

Programmatically reach your audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps, like IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.

Appear in brand-safe environments

We use both our own and third-party solutions, from manual site reviews to real-time bid evaluation, to uphold quality standards and brand safety.

Build a metrics-based strategy

At no additional cost to our advertisers, we provide audience insights and performance reporting before and after campaigns, helping you to understand what’s driving results in your campaigns.

Who can use Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not.

Self-service and managed-service options are available. Self-service customers are in full control of their campaigns. The managed-service option is designed for companies that want access to Amazon DSP inventory, with consultative service, or for those with limited programmatic advertising experience. The managed-service option typically requires a minimum spend of $35,000 USD (minimum may vary per country). Contact an Amazon Advertising account executive for more information.

Countries where Amazon DSP is available

North America
  • CA
  • MX
  • US
South America
  • BR
  • DE
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
  • NL
  • UK
Middle East
  • KSA
  • UAE
Asia Pacific
  • AU
  • IN
  • JP
  • SG

How advertisers can use Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is best suited to advertisers who want to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads at scale.

You can use Amazon DSP to support a wide variety of advertising goals. For example, for audiences that have already visited your product page, you can remarket to them on Amazon, where they are likely to be in the mindset to purchase. Or, if your goal is to drive brand awareness and expand your audience, then you could reach new customers off-site with a video that introduces your brand and top products.

Woman, smiling, looking at laptop screen.

Amazon DSP case study

The Honest Company used Amazon DSP as part of its full-funnel advertising strategy with Amazon Advertising. With Amazon DSP, the brand was able to reach exclusive Amazon audiences on Amazon-owned sites and apps, as well as on third-party sites and apps.

"Amazon Advertising drives return on investment
for us.
– Nick Vlahos, Company Chief Executive Officer, The Honest Company

How to get started with Amazon DSP

To register for Amazon DSP, contact an Amazon Advertising account executive.

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What is a DSP (demand-side platform)?

A demand-side platform is software that provides automated, centralized media buying from multiple sources.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising inventory. Advertising inventory is the space for ads on a given website.

Can I use Amazon DSP if I don't sell products on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who do not.

What ads can I buy through Amazon DSP?

You can purchase display ads, audio ads, and video ads using Amazon DSP.

Do I need to create my own ads?

You have the flexibility to use your own custom ads or use our exclusive Amazon creative options, such as e-commerce creative templates or our video creative builder.

E-commerce creatives can include an image you provide or a product image found on your product detail page. Various elements are automatically generated to drive the best performance for your e-commerce creative and the end customer.

Our video creative builder allows you to create an engaging video free of cost by selecting one of the existing templates and using product images found on your product detail page.

How do I measure the performance of my campaigns?

We provide metrics to help you understand your campaign’s effectiveness in different ways. Retail insights allows you to compare retail activity before, during, and after your campaigns. Amazon campaign reporting allows you to measure advertising’s impact on how consumers discover, research, and purchase your products. Third-party reporting solutions offer you access to such enhanced insights as brand lift and off-line sales impact, to provide a full understanding of advertising effectiveness across media channels.

What is the difference between Amazon DSP and Sponsored Display?

Sponsored Display is a self-service display advertising product, and Amazon DSP is a product that allows you to programmatically purchase ads that include, but are not limited to, display ads.

With Sponsored Display, some aspects of campaign creation and optimization are fully automated. Amazon DSP enables campaigns to be fine-tuned by programmatic advertising buying experts.

Both products support remarketing audiences and reach audiences both on and off of Amazon.