Performance advertising

Connect your products to the right shoppers, help increase your sales, and grow your business with Amazon Advertising.

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What is performance advertising?

Performance advertising solutions help you promote the discoverability of new products, drive incremental sales from your brand catalog, and remarket to shoppers who have not yet converted.

With an increasing variety and number of product choices available for online shoppers, performance advertising can help your brand break through and get your products discovered.

Increase sales on Amazon with performance advertising

Performance advertising can help you engage shoppers along their path to purchase and drive overall sales of your products. We offer a variety of performance advertising solutions featuring targeting tactics, placements, and ad creatives that help you efficiently reach the most relevant shoppers, both on and off Amazon.

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Promote product discovery

Use highly relevant ads to help the right shoppers discover your products. Combine targeting tactics such as keywords and product targeting to connect your product to shoppers as they look for similar products or browse relevant categories, brands, or product detail pages.


Inform shoppers

Use our ad creatives to provide shoppers with key product details while they're exploring new items and actively in the purchasing mindset. Our ads integrate familiar elements of the Amazon shopping experience, such as price, star ratings, and deals and savings badging to make it easier to make informed purchase decisions.

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Engage with audiences

Increase engagement with shoppers and help them discover and purchase your products through a variety of ad placements. Ads can appear on shopping results, prominent placements on top of shopping results, and product detail pages of similar products, letting you engage shoppers at multiple touch points along their path to purchase and link them directly to your product pages.

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Optimize your advertising

Our machine learning models make optimizing your campaigns easier by helping you with bidding, budgeting, and targeting, all while giving you the transparency and controls to grow your business.

Recommended products for performance advertising

Amazon Advertising offers a suite of performance advertising solutions designed to help you achieve your performance objectives.

Sponsored Products ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Products

Use Sponsored Products to promote your individual products to high-intent shoppers close to the point of purchase. These ads appear on Amazon shopping results and product detail pages of similar products and link directly to your product’s detail page. Sponsored Products is cost-per-click, meaning you only pay when shoppers click your ad.

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Sponsored Brands ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Brands

While Sponsored Products connects shoppers directly to individual products, Sponsored Brands allows you to showcase multiple products from your brand together. These ads link shoppers to a custom landing page or Store where they can discover the rest of your catalog. In addition to placements on shopping results and product detail pages, Sponsored Brands gives you the ability to advertise on prominent placements on top of shopping results. Similar to Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands is cost-per-click.

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Sponsored Display ad placement on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Display

Leveraging Amazon’s first-party shopping insights, Sponsored Display can complement your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns by helping you reach audiences both on and off Amazon. If shoppers initially show interest in your product or similar products but don’t purchase right away, you can reengage them with display ads off-Amazon as they browse third-party websites. These self-service cost-per-click display ads are accessible to any professional seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry or vendor who sells products on Amazon.

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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is best for advertisers looking to scale their display advertising with customized creative and audience capabilities. You can engage relevant audiences based on lifestyle, purchase, and media consumption signals with ads that lead back to your Amazon detail pages or your own website. Ads can appear both on Amazon subsidiaries and on leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges. Pricing for ads through Amazon DSP varies depending on format and placement.

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Getting started

Our performance advertising solutions were built to be accessible and intuitive for any advertiser, and they're designed to scale as your business needs become more complex. Creating a sponsored ads campaign can take just a few minutes, regardless of budgets or level of experience. Advertisers who need more advanced display solutions can upgrade to using the Amazon DSP, with a minimum spend threshold of $35,000 (US).

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Performance advertising resources

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Get your products ready for advertising success

Follow these five tips for your product information and detail page in order to help enhance your sponsored ads performance.


Where do ads in performance advertising campaigns appear?

Our advertising solutions offer you a range of placements that vary by product.

Sponsored ads can showcase your products and brand on shopping results and product detail pages.

You can also adjust your bid for different placements in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products to help you focus on placements that perform best for your goals.
Sponsored Display ads and ads purchased through Amazon DSP can also appear on Amazon subsidiaries, such as IMDb, as well as on third-party websites and apps.

What do ads in performance advertising campaigns look like? How is creative generated?

Sponsored Products ad creative is automatically generated and includes product image, price, star ratings, and deals and savings badging.

Sponsored Brands features a custom headline, your brand logo, and multiple products from your catalog in an ad creative that displays product information such as star rating and deals and savings badging. New video creative options (US only) can help your ad stand out and showcase your products or your brand story.

Sponsored Display ad creative is automatically generated and include product image, price, star ratings, and deals and savings badging. Sponsored Display campaigns utilizing contextual and interest targeting allow you to feature custom elements such as headline, brand logo, and name.

Amazon DSP offers more options, allowing you to upload your own custom images and video creatives or use automatically generated e-commerce creatives, which are created using images and details found on your product detail page.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning refers to the algorithms and systems that our solutions use to improve the performance and delivery of your ads. By evaluating real-time attribution metrics, purchasing patterns, and shopping signals, Amazon Advertising's machine learning models can dynamically adjust parameters such as budgets, bids, and targeting to optimize your campaign against performance metrics such as conversion.