Amazon Advertising technology suite

Our technology suite helps you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and exceed your business goals.

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What is advertising technology?

Advertising technology is the combination of technology solutions that come together to help solve advertising problems.

Technology can help you uncover actionable customer insights, deliver cost-efficient growth, demonstrate return on investment (ROI), and execute your media strategy across a fragmented tech and measurement landscape.

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What the Amazon Advertising technology suite offers

Whether you sell on Amazon or not, our first-party shopping insights can help you better optimize your customers’ experience with your advertising, as well as other interactions they have with your brand. The investment we’ve made in advanced decisioning and machine learning means we can help automate or eliminate tasks to make your ads relevant, effective, and cost-efficient. And our interconnected services and flexible, scalable infrastructure help you execute complex marketing strategies, delivering proven results.


Improve your marketing effectiveness

You can leverage our machine learning tools to find new customers for your brand, manage your message, and measure your impact.


Advertise with efficiency and security

With efficient access to high-quality ad inventory and multilayered controls to protect your brand and budget, we help you reduce costs and increase transparency so you can make the most out of every media dollar.

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Grow with us

We offer flexible and interoperable solutions that scale with your business. Our technology is media agnostic, and we integrate with third-party providers, allowing you to discover insights and activate across systems.

Using the Amazon Advertising technology suite

Our solutions help you achieve a variety of your advertising goals.

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Advertising effectiveness

Connect your own sources to surface trends and behavioral insights that can inform your business and marketing strategy. Use machine learning to surface opportunities for engaging new customers. Our systems reliably de-duplicate frequency and reach.

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Supply efficiency

When you buy through third-party exchanges on Amazon DSP, you benefit from protections and algorithms we have in place to avoid resellers and unauthorized sellers while reducing supply costs and bidding redundancies. Meanwhile, through header bidding via Amazon Publisher Services (APS), marketers can also access direct connections to media owners and completely eliminate supply fees.

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Measure unified reach, de-duplicated frequency, and audience insights across your entire media plan and full marketing funnel in order to quantify the ROI of your marketing efforts across all the media you buy.

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Amazon Advertising API

The Amazon Advertising API allows you to manage your Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns programmatically, helping you automate, scale, and optimize your advertising.

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Sizmek by Amazon

Sizmek by Amazon's Ad Suite provides advertisers and agencies with solutions to create, distribute, measure, and optimize their messaging.

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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables you to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads both on and off Amazon.

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Amazon Attribution

Amazon Advertising is an analytics and measurement tool that helps you track your advertising performance across multiple channels to learn how your digital marketing helps drive sales on Amazon.

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Getting started

Our solutions work best when they’re working together. Tell us about your organization’s needs and any Amazon Advertising products you already use today, and one of our representatives will get back to you to explore ways of unlocking unrealized value.

Advertising technology resources

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Branding with Amazon DSP: An interview with Ed Dinichert

Learn from the director of global programmatic advertising sales at Amazon Advertising, including insights on how Amazon DSP can help advertisers achieve their branding goals and advice on how to work with us to be successful programmatically.

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Managing the supply chain with Amazon DSP

Develop a more proactive supply strategy to reduce the amount you pay in supply fees, increase your potential audience reach, and ensure traffic quality and brand safety for your campaigns.

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Bringing ad buyers and sellers closer together with Amazon Publisher Services

Learn how Amazon Publishers Services has helped publishers more effectively monetize their quality inventory while also providing our advertising customers with a more transparent, trustworthy, and independent solution.

Hippeas snack packets

Case study

Healthy snacking pioneers grow brand with Amazon Advertising

See how an organic chickpea puff brand used sponsored ads, Stores, display ads, and video ads on Amazon DSP to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Twinings Tea Cold Infuse

Case study

Twinings uses Amazon Advertising to help launch its new line of tea

Twinings saw an uplift in sales attributed to advertising of 100% on and an 11% uplift in sales of Cold Infuse across traditional supermarkets.


Is the Amazon Advertising technology suite relevant for me if I don’t sell on Amazon?

Any brand can benefit from investing in our technology, regardless of whether or not you sell on Amazon. Brands that do sell on Amazon have access to some additional products, features, and metrics related to promoting their listings on our site.

What is decisioning?

Decisioning is machine-based decision making for your advertising, often based on predetermined rules.

Do I have to use other Amazon Advertising products in order to use Sizmek by Amazon?

No, you may use Sizmek Ad Suite independently, regardless of whether or not you use any other Amazon Advertising product.