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How can Amazon Ads fit into the marketing strategy for your toys and games business? Whether you're seeking to drive brand awareness or conversion, learn about the advertising solutions we can offer your business, on and off Amazon.

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The toys and games industry today

Marketing toys and games requires understanding the rapid evolution of the industry. Global revenue is projected to reach $357 billion USD by 2023.1 Sales increases in many categories are partially due to more adult consumers purchasing for themselves, and some toy brands are creating new products just for them. Meanwhile, sales of toys and games based on popular characters from cartoons, TV shows, and movies are also helping to propel growth.

Customer attitudes are also shifting, with many toy manufacturers focusing on eco-friendly toys and packaging to address customer sustainability concerns.

Toys and games marketing trends

$357 billion projected toy industry revenue (2023).2

$35 billion worldwide sales of licensed toys (2019).3

38% of US parents say their children prefer toys featuring well-known characters.4

Challenges facing toys and games brands

Greater variety of options

Over two-thirds of toy shoppers make their toy purchases online.5 Online browsing offers shoppers more selection than brick-and-mortar, which means that product discoverability is key.

Adapting to shifting customer behaviors

As toy shoppers increasingly move to online purchases, adults are less likely to make impulse buys driven by child requests.6 Find new ways to engage shoppers and drive purchase intent by telling your brand and product story.

Thinking beyond the holiday season

Over 80% of toy purchases are gifts,7 but marketing toys shouldn't be limited to the holiday season. Brands need to keep their products top of mind when year-round gift-giving opportunities arise.

Insights for toys and games marketing

44% of toy shoppers say they research their purchase on Amazon, regardless of where they make their purchase.8

A toy purchase on Amazon is 3x more likely than the average Amazon purchase to be a gift.9

97% of global e-commerce sessions end without a purchase,10 so it's important to treat each touch point as an opportunity to build a relationship rather than just drive an immediate sale.

A recent Amazon Ads analysis found that brands who combined display advertising with sponsored ads for their toy advertising achieved a 33% uplift in conversion, compared to the toy brands who only ran sponsored ads.11

Toys and games marketing examples

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Case study

A holiday shopping season advertising strategy that included Sponsored Brands video helped PlayShifu increase product sales during this period by nearly 4x year over year.

Osmo games

Case study

A full-funnel strategy on Amazon that included Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands, as well as Amazon DSP and Streaming TV ads, helped achieve 50% year-over-year growth for this educational gaming company.

Prestozon dinosaur robot toy

Case study

The toy brand ThinkGizmos achieved a 23% advertising cost of sales (ACOS) across the US and five European marketplaces from April to December 2019, with 33% of its total sales attributed to advertising over this timeframe.

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In a recent survey of Amazon toy shoppers, respondents said that 72% of their toy purchases were for birthday gifts or everyday treats. Almost 20% of frequent toy shoppers on Amazon say they buy toys for themselves, and those purchases are happening throughout the year.12

Toys and games advertising strategies

Reach toy shoppers at scale

Maximize consideration and conversion on Amazon, both during seasonal shopping events like Prime Day and when audiences are shopping for gifts year-round, by maintaining an always-on approach for your toys advertising.

Create cross-channel experiences

Amazon Ads offers solutions that can help you reach toys and games shoppers who engage with Amazon across devices and channels, such as video, audio, and out-of-home.

Make data-driven decisions

Use Amazon shopping insights on Amazon DSP to reach new relevant toys audiences, on and off Amazon, across desktop and mobile devices. Use Amazon first-party data to accurately measure your advertising’s impact on how consumers discover, research, and purchase toys across touch points.

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