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Hospitality marketing

Consumers are discovering more ways to experience travel and leisure with the of help online resources and streaming content. With the global hospitality industry expected to reach $5,297.78 billion in 2025 at a compounded annual growth rate of 6%, learn how your brand can stand out to customers.1

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What is hospitality marketing?

Hospitality marketing helps advertisers in travel, restaurants, and consumer services bring awareness and consideration of their products and services to consumers. Hospitality marketing strategies can play an important role in helping brands drive customer engagement and stay top-of-mind.

The hospitality industry today

There’s a renewed sense of adventure for consumers. This comes at a time when the hospitality industry is changing to meet consumers’ needs. Today, there are more consumers focused on not just going on adventures and seeking new experiences, but they are also thinking about the larger impact of their activities in areas like health, wellness, and the environment.2 With these new considerations, consumers are reimagining how they dine out, spend leisure time, and travel as the world adapts to hybrid work models, explores sustainability travel options, and considers plant-based meals.3

Hospitality marketing trends

Expected increase in bookings

There’s a 40% increase expected in gross bookings growth for global online travel agencies in 2022, which should bring volumes back to pre-pandemic levels.4

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Adults are comfortable going out to eat

67% of US adults say they feel comfortable going out to eat at restaurants.5

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Spending on sustainability

Nearly 60% of consumers say they are willing to spend more to make their trip more sustainable.6

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Insights for hospitality marketers

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As of the end of 2021, 71% of Amazon shoppers plan to travel in the next 12 months.7

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81% of shoppers who intend to travel in the next 12 months shop on Amazon weekly.8

Number 1

Food advertising is the number one most-interacted online ad category among consumers.9

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Challenges facing hospitality brands

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Preparing for uncertain needs

An increase in spontaneous travel means brands may want to consider preparing to reach consumers who will book trips with shorter lead times. Over one-quarter, 28%, of consumers are saying “yes” to more last-minute trips, and 25% are making no plans for the trip in favor of being spontaneous when they arrive to their destination.10

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Communicating loyalty benefits

64% of Gen Z and 61% of millennial consumers participate in loyalty programs at one or two of the table-service restaurants they frequent, surveys show.11 Brands may want to consider reaching this generation of decision-makers through creative advertising that focuses on value and exclusive experiences.

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Navigating fragmented channels

Consumers are increasingly more likely to book travel, dining, and entertainment from their smartphones.12 70% of consumers use their phones to find fun things to do, 66% use their phones to research destinations, and 58% use their phones to plan accommodations.13 Brands may want to consider shifting their marketing strategy to increase visibility among mobile-first consumers.

Amazon Ads solutions

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