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Shopping online for items like vegetables and eggs is growing in popularity. With online grocery revenue expected to hit $298B by 2026 in the US, learn how your brand can stand out.1

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Whether you’re a big brand or just starting out, Amazon Ads can help support your grocery marketing goals. Hear from our customers and learn what inspires them as they create campaigns that reach relevant audiences.

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Understanding grocery marketing

Over the last few years, online grocery shopping has accelerated. As consumers adopt new, digital grocery shopping methods, brands have the opportunity to reach these new customers both on and offline with Amazon’s advertising solutions.

The grocery industry today

More consumers are using online grocery shopping in order to accommodate their lifestyle needs. Shoppers on, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market, are looking for convenience and ways to save time.2 As the industry evolves, brands will need to find new ways of reaching audiences and keep their products top-of-mind for shoppers.

Grocery marketing trends

83% inside circle

72% of shoppers purchase groceries both online, and in-store.3


Omnichannel shoppers spend 1.5x more than single channel shoppers.4

69% inside circle

69% of grocery sales are influenced by digital touchpoints (discovery, inspiration, order pick-up, coupons).5

Challenges facing grocery brands

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Adapting to omnichannel shopping

Total grocery revenue is expected to increase 11% from 2023 to 2026.6 With this shift in consumer shopping behavior, advertisers need to adapt their strategies to better reach new audiences.

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Fragmented channels

There are more places for brands to advertise, but fragmented channels can be confusing to shoppers who are looking for consistent and accessible information when grocery shopping online.

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Responding to digital disruptions

While the past few years have increased grocery demand and revenue, it has also increased the use of contactless payments and online grocery with delivery and pickup. Advertisers should consider how their advertising strategies appeal to new consumer behaviors to drive sales despite consumers spending less time engaging with their products in-store.

Marketing Resources for Grocery Advertisers

Dive deeper into understanding how to use Amazon Ads’ products and solutions to build your campaigns and reach more customers.


Learn at your own pace about the available ad types and how to set up and analyze your campaigns for success.


Learn how to leverage insights that optimize the customer experience and drive sales for your brand.


Learn how to stand out to grocery shoppers, giving your products a better chance of being their next discovery.


Get an in-depth understanding of how to launch new products with Amazon Ads.

Grocery advertising tips

Engage customers both online and instore

Nearly 1 in 3 Amazon grocery shoppers can be reached through ad enabled video streaming services.7 By using Streaming TV ads with Amazon, you can engage shopping, grocery, and lifestyle audiences.

Reach customers as they shop

Amazon grocery shoppers are 1.8x more likely to shop for groceries daily than in-person grocery shoppers.8 Brands have the opportunity to connect with these shoppers at multiple touch-points along their online shopping journey. And with Amazon landing pages, brands can help audiences discover new products.

Help customers find your brand

81% of Amazon shoppers are in an exploratory mindset when they shop on Amazon.9 Amazon Ads can help your brand build an ad strategy centered on aligning grocery promotions with customers’ needs. With Amazon DSP, brands can reach audiences wherever they spend time, introducing them to your top products. Brands can also connect with audiences during screen-free moments with Amazon audio ads.

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