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How can Amazon Ads fit into your fashion brand’s marketing strategy? Whether you're seeking to drive brand awareness or sales, if you’re in the business of fashion, learn about the advertising solutions we can offer, on and off Amazon.

The fashion industry today

Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and today's brands face a shifting landscape of customer preferences and shopping trends.

Customers now have more options about when, where, and how they shop. The lines between physical and digital stores have blurred. Shoppers may browse on their phones while they’re in physical stores. They may order online and return at a shop. As such, brands are finding ways to enhance the omni-channel experience. Some are seeking to replicate parts of the in-store experience, such as trying on the product, feeling the material, and seeing products on display. Others are removing friction so customers have a seamless experience whether they encounter a brand in the digital or physical world.

In addition, today’s consumers are increasingly shopping with their values. They’re supporting purpose-driven brands and companies that are invested in sustainability. Sixty-seven percent of shoppers consider the use of sustainable materials to be an important purchasing factor.1 And 43% of consumers walk away when a brand disappoints them on a social issue.2

All of these factors have pushed fashion brands to evolve. The global apparel category alone is expected to grow 7% annually, reaching 2.25 trillion USD by 2025.3

Fashion marketing trends

In 2019, online channels accounted for 26% of the fashion industry—in 2020, that percentage rose to 38%. This trend will continue, with the online share predicted to grow to 56% by 2025.4

Fashion executives see digital as the biggest opportunity for 2021, with 70% of executives expecting growth of more than 20% in their digital commerce channels.5

1 in 3 fashion shoppers are omni-channel shoppers. 66% of apparel shoppers use an online touch point during their path to purchase,6 while 1 in 3 in-store buyers research online while in a physical store.7

Challenges facing fashion brands

Brand loyalty

64% of shoppers are open to the brand they’ll buy at the start of their purchase journeys.8 Brands cannot solely rely on past purchases to drive future purchases.

Reaching new audiences

Shoppers are being more thoughtful with their spending habits,9 meaning that brands need to work harder to make it into the consideration set.

The digital shift

Fashion marketing strategies must include new ways to engage customers online, such as livestreaming and social media.10

Purpose-driven consumers

65% of consumers want businesses to take a stand on issues that are close to their heart.11

Insights for fashion marketers

66% of fashion shoppers report visiting Amazon once a week or more.12

48% of apparel shoppers who researched online while in a physical store visited Amazon.13

51% of fashion shoppers said Amazon is the place to go to find the newest fashion items from top brands.14

Apparel shoppers in Amazon’s store have a consideration period of 3 weeks, giving brands plenty of opportunity to reach them throughout their purchase journey.15

Fashion advertising strategies

Tell your brand story

Tell your brand story and help build relationships with new consumers through purpose-driven messaging on streaming TV—also known as over-the-top (OTT)—or in your Store. With Amazon OTT ads, you can reach unique shopping, fashion, and lifestyle audiences at scale.

If you have products with sustainable features or packaging, consider aligning your messaging with the Climate Pledge Friendly program to help achieve your sustainability communication goals.

Find new and exciting ways to drive engagement, digitally

Amazon Live is a unique and engaging way to help drive brand consideration. With Amazon Live, you can engage with shoppers in real time and drive consideration through interactive, shoppable livestreams. In a case study across five participating fashion brands, they saw a 17% lift in new-to-brand sales, and a 13x increase in detail page view rate.16

Also consider Prime Wardrobe, a “try before you buy” model from the comfort of your home. It addresses consumers’ need to assess the look and feel of their fashion pieces, but with the convenience of shopping online.

Reach new shoppers throughout their purchase journey

A full-funnel strategy can help grow your customer base and increase conversions. Based on an internal study of apparel brands that advertised with Amazon, we found that those brands adopting a full-funnel strategy with Amazon had 35% lift in new-to-brand customer growth rate.17 Brands who invested in a full-funnel strategy (sponsored ads, display, and OTT) saw an 95% increase in conversion versus advertisers who invested in sponsored ads and display only.18

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