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How can Amazon Ads fit into your marketing strategy? Learn about the advertising solutions we can offer your business to help you engage entertainment audiences, anywhere they spend their time.

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Stories are powerful. Brands make them better by building worlds that fans can become part of. Amazon Ads can help you connect with audiences while they're immersed.

The entertainment industry today

The growth of streaming viewership continues to shape the entertainment industry. This includes the increase in cord-cutters (audiences who switch from pay TV subscriptions to streaming TV (also known as OTT—over-the-top—services) and cord-stackers (audiences who subscribe to both pay TV and streaming TV).

This evolution of the industry extends to theatrical entertainment. Film studios are leaning in to streaming as a distribution method for new film releases, with many studios releasing their movies to streaming services and theaters on the same day.

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Trends in entertainment consumption

By the end of 2024, the number of US cord-cutter households is expected to reach 46.6 million.1

US consumers on average use seven streaming video services.2

Time spent watching ad-supported streaming services has increased 50% year over year.3

Worldwide consumer spending on streaming video is expected to reach almost $103 billion by 2025.4

Challenges facing entertainment brands

An increasingly crowded marketplace

Entertainment brands must put effort toward raising awareness in order to find viewership for their content. US consumers now have more than 300 different video streaming services to choose from.5

Share of attention

Outside of movie and TV content, entertainment brands are also competing with gaming, music, and social media for consumers' attention.6

Retaining subscribers

As more options have become available, consumers are making decisions about how many services they are willing to pay for. In fact, 31% of streamers say that they are likely to stop using one of their existing services.7

Insights for entertainment marketers

83% of Amazon customers stream video content.8

More than 60% of Amazon shoppers say they consult IMDb before deciding to watch a TV program.9

42% of streamers who shop on Amazon say that content is the primary reason they decide to subscribe to a streaming service.10

55% of moviegoers have purchased DVDs from Amazon, and 51% have bought or rented digital movies from Amazon.11

Entertainment advertising strategies

Engage relevant entertainment audiences

Amazon’s entertainment lifestyle audiences are interested in certain types of content based on streaming signals across Amazon-supported apps and devices. Combine Amazon audiences with your existing audience sources on Amazon DSP to anywhere they spend their time.

Grow your reach in a native entertainment environment

Use Streaming TV ads to extend the reach of your linear TV campaign to unique, highly engaged viewers. Show up alongside IMDb TV Original hit shows and movies, during live sports, like Thursday Night Football, across the top TV networks and broadcasters, and on the News app on Fire TV.

Create innovative customer experiences

Use Amazon Advertising’s custom solutions to drive audience awareness of your upcoming premiere, service launch, or home entertainment release. Our tailor-made campaigns create memorable brand experiences that excite and surprise audiences.

Connect with fans during screen-free moments

With audio ads, you can access unique, quality inventory to tell your story on Amazon Music's free ad-supported tier. Reach listeners across Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo and Fire TV, as well as on mobile and desktop.

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