Consumer electronics marketing

How can Amazon Advertising fit into your consumer electronics marketing strategy? Whether you're driving brand awareness or bringing your products to new audiences, learn about the advertising solutions we can offer your business, on and off Amazon.

For consumer electronics, Amazon spans the entire customer journey, encompassing both online and off-line touch points to help drive brand discovery, consideration, and sales.

For high-consideration purchases within consumer electronics, such as TVs, laptops, and premium smartphones, Amazon Advertising offers tools to help build brand awareness and drive sales.

How Amazon Advertising can help consumer electronics brands reach shoppers

Based on a custom survey by Kantar,1 Amazon can help you reach significant segments of consumer electronics buyers.


83% research online

While 49% of smartphone purchases are made in store, 83% of smartphone buyers conduct research online prior to purchasing. Amazon also helps shoppers discover new brands, as 64% of smartphone buyers discover a new brand or product on Amazon.


63% discovered a new brand or product

86% of laptop buyers conduct research online prior to purchase, but 37% still buy in store. 63% of laptop buyers discovered a new brand or product on Amazon and tend to have a larger consideration set.


60% purchase in store

Amazon reaches TV purchasers, even though 60% of shoppers ultimately purchase in store. TV buyers come to Amazon to compare prices and read reviews and recommendations.

Customers don’t have to shop for consumer electronics on Amazon in order for you to reach them. With 300+ million worldwide active customer accounts, we’re able to reach shoppers at scale even if they don’t directly engage with the consumer electronics category on Amazon.

1Kantar, 2019, US.
2Amazon quarterly earnings, Q1 2020. Active customer accounts represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding 12-month period.

Case study: Samsung

Prior to creating a Store, Samsung faced a challenge with continuity between their brand message on their website and their brand message on Amazon.

How consumer electronics brands can use Amazon Advertising

Brand advertising

Drive brand awareness through ad products such as OTT video ads, audio ads, and Amazon DSP with a focus on ads off Amazon or ads with link-out creative to your brand site.

Digital commerce enablement

Drive sales both on Amazon and off-line through ad products such as video and display ads through the Amazon DSP with either link-in or link-out creative.

Performance marketing

Drive on-Amazon sales through ad products such as programmatic display, Sponsored Display, and through Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands.

Case study: Rocketbook

Smart notebook company Rocketbook wanted to scale and grow its customer base while continuing to maintain a target advertising cost of sales (ACOS).

Getting started

Let us provide an introduction to our advertising solutions with The basics of success: Understanding Amazon Advertising.