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Beauty marketing

Beauty is a rapidly growing global industry. Revenue from the beauty and personal care industry amounted to more than $500 billion in 2021.1 And the industry has an expected compounded annual grow rate of 4.76%.2 Discover how your beauty brand can stand out with the help of Amazon Ads.

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The beauty industry today

Beauty shoppers are increasingly purchasing products online, and brands have an opportunity stay top of mind for shoppers along their customer journey. Based on a survey we conducted with Kantar:


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Online shoppers are looking for lower prices.3


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Wanted to avoid shopping in-store.4


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Are searching for hard-to-find brands and products that brick-and-mortar stores don’t typically carry. 5


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Searching for products that are available online.6

Beauty marketing on Amazon

Amazon is a key retailer for beauty product discovery.7 The beauty category at Amazon includes mass beauty and luxury beauty brands. And these brands span cosmetics, hair care, skincare, fragrance, beauty appliances, and nail.

Understanding beauty marketing

45% of beauty purchases are semi-planned.
Semi-planned purchases include purchases made by shoppers who wanted to buy a product but didn't know exactly which one or knew the brand/product they wanted to purchase, but didn’t know which model.8

Beauty marketing by the numbers

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84% of premium skincare shoppers that visited Amazon recall seeing an ad.9

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1 in 2 premium skincare shoppers own an Amazon device such as Alexa or Fire TV.10

the number 1

Amazon beauty shoppers said hydration is their number 1 skincare need.11

Challenges facing beauty brands

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Omni-channel shopping

Advertisers are challenged to adapt to omni-channel retail. While online media, including streaming TV ads, streaming audio ads, social media, and retail media, influence 77% of retail decisions, 90% of CPG purchases are still made at brick-and-mortar outlets.12 With the increased number of customers buying products online, brands may consider adapting their advertising strategies to better reach relevant audiences.

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Changing consumption trends

Online shopping is growing in popularity. 89% of shoppers who began shopping online during 2020/2021 are extremely or very likely to continue buying products online.13

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Reaching cross-category shoppers

Mass beauty shoppers also tend to shop in the professional and luxury skincare categories. Amazon Ads can help advertisers stay top-of-mind across beauty sub-categories.14

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Optimizing beauty ads could have a long-term payoff. Discover six tips to get you started on creating beauty ads for your brand.

Beauty advertising tips


Running Streaming TV ads with Amazon Ads helps your brand reach beauty and lifestyle audiences. You also have the opportunity to reach cord-cutters and cord-nevers who use Fire TV devices and services like Prime Video and Amazon Freevee.


Optimize your strategy by aligning your beauty promotions with your customers’ interests. With Amazon DSP, brands can reach audiences wherever they spend time with video and display ads that introduce your brand and top products to audiences where they already are. Also, with Amazon audio ads you can be a part of a growing channel filled with engaged audiences.


More than half of premium skincare shoppers surveyed said brand name was important in their purchasing decision.15 Stand out to audiences with Amazon Ads solutions like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products.


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