Oracle Data Cloud - standard predicts

January 20, 2021

What launched?

Amazon DSP now supports Oracle Data Cloud's (ODC) standard predicts.

Why is it important?

Oracle’s standard predicts segments are built and maintained by Oracle. Oracle’s custom predicts segments are custom built and maintained by brands and agencies themselves, or with the help of Oracle. Predicts is a contextual targeting feature that allows brands to capitalize on trending content and the associated inventory in real time, driving greater relevancy and reach. Predicts helps you achieve your reach goals by dynamically expanding static keyword based targeting segments in real time on a daily basis and receiving impressions as the conversation evolves. This feature is available worldwide for standard display, mobile app, and video line items running on third-party supply sources.

Note: The pre-bid standard predicts targeting is supported only on third-party supply. If it is applied on line items targeting Amazon owned-and-operated supply and third-party supply, line items disregard this while delivering impressions for Amazon owned-and-operated supply. For more information on third-party pre-bid targeting, refer to this help article.



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