October 25, 2023

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with image generation for Sponsored Brands

Announced at unBoxed 2023

What launched?

We have beta launched image generation for Sponsored Brands campaigns in the U.S. It uses generative models and an advertiser's product information to create unique brand-themed product images in seconds that are relevant to a brand at no additional cost. Advertisers do not need dedicated creative resources, and can quickly create product creatives to see which creatives are most effective at achieving their goals.


Easily discover image generation in the Sponsored Brands Product Collection workflow.

AI image

Each new session opens up with a welcome banner describing how to generate images and highlights new features. Images are pre-generated using products selected in the campaign build.

custom image

Users can request additional images using controls including product selection, open text image description prompts, and pre-set styles.


Users can also choose to enhance a different product image by uploading an image from their device or creative library.

Asset image

Selecting a single image opens a larger view with feedback controls. Users can save the image or add the image to the campaign.


Selected images can be previewed in the campaign creative and easily set to launch.

Why is it important?

In a March 2023 Amazon survey, we found that of advertisers who were unable to build successful campaigns, nearly 75 percent cited building ad creative and choosing a creative format as their biggest challenge. Early product validation with advertisers has indicated they use image generation to test different creatives with different target audiences, to convey additional production information such as ingredients or use this product, and to remind customers of additional product uses through seasonal images.

Where do I access it?

  • Advertising console

Who can use it?

  • Registered sellers
  • Vendors

Where is it available?

North America
  • US

API specific

Image generation Public APIs are designed for first party/third party integrators to programmatically access AI-powered image generation feature which will create product images with enhanced background for Product Collection creative in Sponsored Brands campaigns. We are launching the following APIs on Public API gateway for closed-beta onboarding:

  1. POST /creative/ai/beta/image/themes/list - Get a list of pre-defined themes for output generative images
  2. POST /creative/ai/beta/image/tasks - Submit image generation tasks as a batch, each task is specified with a product, theme, prompt (optional) and custom product image (optional)
  3. POST /creative/ai/beta/image/tasks/list - Retrieve status of image generation tasks in the batch and urls of output generative images for tasks that are marked as complete

Full technical details are provided on dev portal.