Launch announcement

Branded experiences with Alexa is an existing Amazon Ads offering now available for advertisers in open beta

March 24, 2023

What launched?

We are now expanding the existing branded experiences with Alexa offering to make it available in open beta. Branded experiences with Alexa are like apps that can be discovered through Amazon ad-supported streaming content from any Alexa-enabled device, including Echo smart speakers and Fire TV. These immersive, unique experiences help ad-supported audiences discover brands through voice, screen-tap, or remote in a deeper and more tailored way, letting them learn more about brands, interact with exclusive brand content, or even shop for products, and much more.

Why is it important?

Now as an open beta, Amazon Ads is making it easier for customers to proactively interact with the brands they love using their voice, screen-tap, or remote via Alexa-enabled devices, while also helping brands engage audiences in creative ways in the connected home. Amazon Ads also offers full creative and production support in order to help brands deliver the right campaign messages that are unique to their brand objectives.

Why Branded experiences with Alexa from Amazon Ads

  • Drive deeper engagement: Give ad-supported audiences the opportunity to access exclusive or behind-the-scene content related to a brand’s product or service, and perform meaningful actions that help explore features, add item to shopping cart, set-up event reminders, or even ask to receive more information via email.
  • Branded Alexa Call-To-Actions: Elevate new or existing streaming audio and video creatives by adding an Alexa CTA developed exclusively for your brand.
  • Full creative production and creative services: Lean on us to design and build the end-to-end branded experience at no added cost.
  • Extend experiences across multiple touch points: Brands can use the Alexa CTA across other Amazon owned and paid media channels, such as packaging, social media, and much more.

Watch a short demo of the customer experience:

Where is the feature available?

  • North America: United States
  • Europe: Germany, Italy, United Kingdom

Who can use it?

  • Managed service

Where do I access it?