Launch announcement

Bid recommendations for Amazon DSP self-service orders

December 20, 2022

What launched?

We are launching bid recommendations for under-pacing orders. Bid recommendations show you suggestions for how to optimally adjust your bids to get the most value for advertising spend on your line items. You can now view and action bid recommendation cards directly on campaign manager pages by hovering over the ⚠️ icon in the ⚠️ column or by going to Entity > Recommendations > Filter > Recommendation Type > Increase maximum average CPM for line items on underpacing order > Add > Apply.

Campaign manager

Integrated recommendation card in campaign manager

Why is it important?

Line item bid settings are a common cause of campaign underperformance. Bid recommendations help you decide when and how to adjust line item bids to optimize for spend and performance.

Where is the feature available?

  • North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Belgium
  • Middle East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan, Singapore

Who can use it?

  • Self service

Where do I access it?