Launch announcement

Amazon DSP “Pixel Metrics” are now “Off-Amazon Metrics”

October 03, 2022

What launched?

Amazon DSP reports have new names for 20 off-Amazon conversion metrics. These 20 metrics were formerly categorized as "pixel metrics" and included conversions from pixel-based tracking. As we improve the conversion tracking experience for Amazon DSP advertisers, these metrics will also include conversions from new, non-pixel-based interfaces. The “Pixel” metric category in the column selector has been renamed “Off-Amazon.”

Off-Amazon Conversions

Off-Amazon purchases in the column selector

Former Metric NameNew Detail NameNew Display NameMetric Category
Product purchasedOff-Amazon purchasesOff-Amazon purchasesOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Product purchased viewsOff-Amazon purchases view-through conversionsOff-Amazon purchases viewsOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Product purchased clicksOff-Amazon purchases click-through conversionsOff-Amazon purchases clicksOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Product purchased CVROff-Amazon purchase rateOff-Amazon purchase rateOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Product purchased CPAOff-Amazon effective cost per purchase (eCPP)Off-Amazon eCPPOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Total pixelOff-Amazon conversionsOff-Amazon conversionsOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Total pixel viewsOff-Amazon view-through conversionsOff-Amazon viewsOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Total pixels clicksOff-Amazon click-through conversionsOff-Amazon clicksOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Total pixel CVROff-Amazon conversion rateOff-Amazon CVROff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Total pixel CPAOff-Amazon cost per acquisitionOff-Amazon CPAOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Sign up buttonSign-upSign-upOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Sign up button viewsSign-up view-through conversionsSign-up viewsOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Sign up button clicksSign-up click-through conversionsSign-up clicksOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Sign up button CVRSign-up conversion rateSign-up CVROff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Sign up button CPASign-up cost per acquisitionSign-up CPAOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Subscription pageSubscribeSubscribeOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Subscription page viewsSubscribe view-through conversionsSubscribe viewsOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Subscription page clicksSubscribe click-through conversionsSubscribe clicksOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Subscription page CVRSubscribe conversion rateSubscribe CVROff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)
Subscription page CPASubscribe cost per acquisitionSubscribe CPAOff-Amazon (formerly Pixel)

Why is it important?

As our industry experiences changes to ad identity, brands look to a trusted partner to unify their data sets, and help drive measurement with the support of ad technology. Total impact is a measurement that combines third-party conversions with Amazon conversions, for example, combined sales and combined return on advertising spend (ROAS) metrics that include attributed sales both on and off Amazon. Off-Amazon conversion data can come from the advertiser or an Amazon-integrated partner.

This update aligns with Amazon initiatives to support options beyond pixels, and is a step in the direction to allow advertisers to import conversion data (customer defined success metrics) from the source of their choice.

Customers using version 3 of the Amazon DSP reporting APIs can select these 20 metrics using updated API field names that align with console reports. Legacy field names are also supported. For full technical details, please read here.

Where is the feature available?

  • North America: United States, Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan, Singapore

Who can use it?

  • Managed service
  • Self-service

Where do I access it?

  • Amazon DSP