Amazon DSP launches in Sweden and Nordic countries

October 18, 2021

What launched?

The self-service Amazon DSP is now available in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Why is it important?

Nordic advertisers and agencies can reach audiences on Amazon-owned sites and apps, including, Twitch video, IMDb TV, and anywhere customers spend their time through our direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges. Advertisers are also able to self-serve, manage, optimize, and report on their programmatic display and video campaigns through the Amazon DSP console.

Who benefits from this launch?

Advertisers and their agencies located in the Nordics are able to buy display and video ads programmatically at scale. Display ads use customizable brand or e-commerce creatives, and actionable insights, to help advertisers optimize ads to achieve their business objectives. Video ads help advertisers tell their brand story and engage customers in brand-safe environments via trusted channels. For more information on display and video ads, please see the Amazon DSP overview.

What is the customer experience?

Customers in the Nordics will see ads on Amazon websites and apps, as well as sites and apps not owned by Amazon, across desktop, tablet, and mobile formats.

Advertisers wishing to launch their first display campaigns can get started by contacting the Amazon Ads sales team.

Where is the feature available?

  • Europe: Sweden

Who can use it?

  • Self-service

Where do I access it?

  • Amazon DSP