Reaching more health-conscious customers with Sponsored Products

The company

In 2012, Ryan Turner turned a personal passion into a career when he cofounded The Sola Company, a health-conscious organization that creates low-carb, high-protein, no-sugar-added product foods.

The goal

With the intent to expand its reach and fulfill the growing demands of its consumers, Sola introduced its range of products on Amazon in September 2018. To drive revenue and efficiency, Sola collaborated with Viral Launch, an Amazon-specialized SaaS (software as a service) company based in Indiana, to help build their Amazon Advertising strategy and establish the company’s presence on Amazon.

As a startup in an extremely fast-paced environment, we needed help with setting up and optimizing our overall Amazon strategy. Partnering with Viral Launch enabled us to not only establish our presence on Amazon, but also helped deliver on our brand consideration goal.– Sandra Pulido, Marketing Manager, The Sola Company

The solution

Knowing that descriptive product listings help drive engagement and conversations, Viral Launch started the campaign by creating compelling copy for Sola’s listings. Viral Launch then used their proprietary software built using the Amazon Advertising API to analyze and produce a comprehensive list of keywords. This allowed Viral Launch to focus on keywords more likely to produce better results. Rather than start with automatic campaigns to find keywords, Viral Launch’s tool allowed Sola to find keywords that they could target long term. In order to maximize and drive reach among relevant audiences, the Sponsored Products campaigns were also optimized with both targeted keywords and product detail pages. As the campaigns continued, Viral Launch was able to monitor changes and remove low-performing keywords in favor of high-converting ones.

In connection to the campaigns, the integration with Amazon Advertising API has enabled Viral Launch to build automated technology and visualize real-time metrics, which in turn allowed Sola to make better decisions and scale faster. Sola could pause campaigns immediately if they saw poor campaign performance or increase budgets on campaigns where they were seeing an increase in sales from the advertising campaigns.

By combining sponsored ads and retail sales data into one place, Viral Launch was able to gain valuable insights and see the impact their advertising with Amazon had on the business as a whole.

Through our integration with Amazon Advertising API, we have been able to serve more customers with better results. We are now able to make strategic decisions with larger amounts of insights to drive more success on Amazon.– Nanci Churchill, VP of Customer Success for Viral Launch

The result

Since the full line of products launched on Amazon in October 2018, Sola has generated over 12 million ad impressions with over 75% of total impressions coming in 2019 as the optimizations for the campaigns and increased investment allowed them to continue to scale. With the help of Viral Launch and Amazon Advertising, Sola was able to increase overall Amazon sales by 3x from October 2018 to May 2019.

By using sponsored ads, we’ve been able to reach new customers and generate another opportunity for consideration. In a short period of time, it’s proven to be an effective marketing solution and has helped us drive sales on Amazon.– Sandra Pulido, Marketing Manager, The Sola Company