Learning console

Educate and empower yourself to help grow your business and reach new audiences with the learning console.

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What is the learning console?

The learning console is a free, comprehensive destination featuring courses, certifications, learning bootcamps, on-demand webinars, and videos to help advertisers gain expertise in Amazon Ads’ products and services.

Reach your goals

The learning console’s library will help teach you how to connect with new audiences and grow your business.

Learn the basics or dive deep

Whether you want to launch your first campaign or optimize an existing strategy, you’ll be able to customize your education path and focus on the topics that matter to you.

Get certified

Validate your proficiency in Amazon Ads solutions with our certifications and earn digital badges to share with clients, colleagues, and social media.

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Get started with the learning console

Registering for the learning console is easy and free. Explore some of our most popular offerings:

Learn more about Amazon Ads Certifications

Certifications allow advertisers and marketing professionals to validate their proficiency in specific Amazon Ads products and solutions. Upon successful completion of a certification assessment, you’ll earn an Amazon Ads digital badge. There are several certification paths—from Amazon DSP to Amazon retail. Find out which certification aligns best with your business and professional goals here.


How do I login to the learning console?

Sign up using the email and password you use to manage your Amazon Ads campaigns or create a new Amazon account here.

How much does the learning console cost?

The learning console is free.

Who can use the learning console?

Anyone can use the Learning Console, but it’s best suited for advertisers and marketers.

What format are the courses?

Within the learning console you can watch videos, take individual interactive courses, or enroll in a series of courses.

How do I become certified?

You can become certified by taking and passing one of our certification assessments. Learn more about our certifications here.

Can I access the learning console on my mobile device?

Yes. You can access the learning console from any device directly at learningconsole.amazonadvertising.com.

Is the learning console part of the Amazon Ads Education Alliance?

Yes. Learn more about the Education Alliance.