Amazon Ads Certifications

Certifications give marketers the opportunity to validate their proficiency in Amazon Ads products and solutions. Once you successfully pass the Amazon Ads certification assessment, you will be awarded a digital badge for that area of expertise.

Benefits of getting certified

Spotlight your proficiency

Let colleagues and clients know you’ve been certified by sharing your certification badge on social networks and your email signature. This signals to others that you are proficient in Amazon Ads digital marketing products.

Stay informed

Once you’re certified, you’ll receive a monthly Amazon Ads Certification newsletter, which highlights new courses, webinars, and new certification opportunities.

Boost your resume

A certification badge lets potential clients and employers know that Amazon Ads considers you proficient in our products.

How to get certified

Learning console profile page


To get certified, you’ll need to register for an Amazon Ads account on the learning console.

Sign up using the email and password you use to manage your Amazon Ads campaigns or you can create a new Amazon account.


Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to complete a certification assessment.

Individuals will need to receive a score of 80% or higher to pass. If you do not pass on the first attempt, you’ll be able to retake the exam in 24 hours.


Reviewing the course material for your learning path is optional, but recommended.

The courses are specifically designed to help you gain the knowledge needed to pass the certification assessment.

Available certifications


Who can get certified?

Anyone can take a certification assessment, but certifications are best suited for advertising and marketing professionals.

How much does it cost to get certified?

Getting certified is free.

How much time do you have to complete an assessment?

You will have 120 minutes to finish the assessment. It’s not possible to stop the timer once you begin. If you do not submit your answers within the allotted time, it will be considered an automatic failure. You will be able to retake the assessment 24 hours later.

Do certification badges expire?

Yes, certification badges expire one year from the date of award. You can renew your certification by retaking the assessment.

Are certifications part of the Amazon Ads Partner Network?

Yes. Members of the Partner Network, a self-service hub for agencies and tool providers to manage their business relationships with Amazon Ads, are given access to a new, company-level view of their team’s certifications. You can learn more about the Partner Network here.

What languages are available?

Currently, certifications are available in Arabic, Canadian French, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Spanish Mexico, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese.