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If you’re interested in leveraging Sponsored TV to help reach new audiences with streaming TV ads, this page can help you understand its creative spec requirements. Since Sponsored TV ads are eligible for interactive ad formats, this page also dives into what interactive experiences Sponsored TV supports and asset requirements to take advantage of these for your Sponsored TV ads. In addition to specs, all Sponsored TV ads must comply with our Streaming TV ad policies, which can be found here.

Sponsored TV Spec Requirements

Streaming TV ads
Ad ServingFirst party (site served)
Maximum file size500MB
Aspect ratio16:9
Required duration10 to 45 sec
Minimum frame size1920x1080
Minimum video bitrate4mbps
Recommended video bitrate8mbps
Video frame rate (fps)23.976 (recommended), 24, 25, or 29.97 fps
Video frame rate modeConstant
Minimum audio bitrate192kbps
Audio sample rate44.1kHz or 48kHz
Supported FormatsVideo: H.264 or H.265; Audio: PCM or AAC
Audio ChannelMinimum of 2-Channels

Additional Sponsored TV ad requirements

  • Pillarbox or letterbox formatting is accepted, however, Sponsored TV ads with both pillarbox and letterbox in the same ad will not be accepted
  • Sponsored TV ads may delivered in non-clickable environments so they should not include call-to-action elements that encourage clicking (e.g., a button shape that says “learn more”)

Interactive Experiences

Sponsored TV ads are eligible for various interactive experiences. These experiences are served by Amazon based on a variety of factors like supply context (ie device, publisher) or audiences. When customers interact with these experiences, they’ll be directed to a product detail page that serves as the landing page for your ad. Advertisers can select the landing page for their ads via the “Landing Page” selector within the Sponsored TV campaign builder or via API by specifying a specific ASIN that they offer. Because Sponsored TV is retail aware, we will only serve ads if an ASIN specified as a landing page is in-stock or the featured offer. To help advertisers understand how viewers interact with these experiences, Sponsored TV will support “click” metrics in the Console and via our Reporting API.

Some of these experiences include:

  • Burnt-in QR Codes: Where Amazon adds a QR code with call-to-actions like “Scan to shop on Amazon”. These ads may only serve on desktop and TV devices.
  • Our interactive QR code experience is pictured here

    Our interactive QR code experience is pictured here

  • Clickable ads on Twitch: Where Amazon adds call-to-actions like “Shop on Amazon” that viewers can click on Twitch while watching via their desktop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Our interactive Streaming TV experience is pictured here on Twitch

    Our interactive Streaming TV experience is pictured here on Twitch

  • Remote Interactive ads: Where Amazon adds an interactive like “Press OK to add to cart” overlay so viewers can add an advertised products serving as your landing page to their Amazon carts while watching on FireTV devices
  • interactive Streaming TV experience

    Our interactive Streaming TV experience for FireTV is pictured here where viewers can interact with their remotes

How to qualify for interactive experiences in Sponsored TV

Ads that meet our policy for interactivity may serve with interactive elements in relevant contexts. To qualify for these experiences, please ensure interactive elements do not:

  • Obstruct text or primary content that may help customers make an informed decision.
  • Obstruct any disclaimers, disclosures, claims, product information, rating information,
  • Obstruct entire visuals of the primary product shot or primary logo being advertised. Primary is defined as a feature image showcasing the product that enables the viewer to attribute the ad to a specific product.

Partial logo and product coverage is permitted when:

  • Multiple products are in the frame and only a portion of the product is covered
  • Attribution has been clearly understood by the viewer in primary product shot logo, enabling the secondary shot to have partial coverage.
  • The user has engaged with the interactive element, showing intent. Please note that this is product-specific - any disclaimers, disclosures, claims, product information, rating information still cannot be covered.

Any interactive elements added by Sponsored TV to your ad creative are in the left-hand side of your ad in the following dimensions.


If your ad does not meet interactive ad policy but does meet our general streaming TV ad policies, your ad is still eligible to serve with Sponsored TV without interactivity.

What ads don’t qualify for interactive ads within Sponsored TV?

The below are examples of videos that do not meet our interactive ad policy as interactive elements would cover text or logos.

interactive ad policy with text and logo
interactive ad policy with text and logo

What creative do we recommend for Sponsored TV?

Any asset that meets our ad policies and ad specs are eligible to serve within Sponsored TV ads. However, we recommend using assets with voiceover present, with good lighting and with clear messaging for Sponsored TV. We also recommend considering leveraging assets with humans or animals present and set in a home or an outdoor setting. To help tell your story, we recommend that your brand is shown in the first 3 seconds and your advertised product is in-use within your ad. For more best practices, please refer to the Amazon badging design guidelines. To learn more about how Amazon Ads’ creative services can help you develop creative campaigns, submit your request here.


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