Promoted Partner Bar


Example of Promoted Partner Bar above title pages

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The Promoted Partner Bar is an ad unit above title pages intended to drive users to a destination where the title can be streamed or purchased (i.e. Amazon Video).

Placement: On all IMDb name and title pages below the main nav bar. Below the fold on mobile.
Dimensions: 700x150 Desktop, varies by device on mobile
Timing: Campaign duration is one week, Monday through Sunday. An advertiser is free to buy multiple weeks in a row.

Example of Promoted Partner Bar above title pages on desktop view

Example of Promoted Partner Bar above title pages on mobile view
Production Specifications
Serving1st party only, 3rd party trackers accepted
Ad TypeCustom
Core Dimensions700x150
File weight limit of backup image2mb
Supported DevicesDesktop, Mobile Web, Android App (iOS App not supported)
Copy RequirementsHeadline: 60 character max, Sub-headline: 30 character max. Emojis are not supported.
Logo ImagesMaximum of 4 images
Asset Deliverables

Each ad execution has unique requirements necessary to produce the individual unit. Failure to provide assets in compliance with the guidelines and technical specifications will impact launch dates.

Promoted Partner Bar
  • High resolution logo images - light and dark versions of logos to accommodate various background colors
  • Logos in .png format
  • Messaging, CTA and date schedule
  • Clickthrough link
Production Timeline

IMDb Ad Production Timelines account for the number of business days it will take to produce an ad unit. Ad Production Timelines include all typical phases of an ad lifecycle such as booking, design, trafficking and testing. Timelines vary depending on who is responsible for designing the ad unit.

  • All timelines begin when design assets are received and approved by IMDb.
  • All timelines end when the ad unit is live on IMDb properties.
IMDb Built Timeline2 business days