Premium Billboard

A Premium Billboard lives above the fold at the top of all IMDb pages and is comprised of:

  • 526x250 resolve image, which contains the title treatment, any copy text or messaging, and the primary CTA
  • Trailer video, which may have up to 30 seconds of muted autoplay, and up to 5 minutes of user-initiated video
  • Trailer slate image
  • Standard static 970x250 billboard, serves as the static back up for users who can't be served the animated version. May also be used as the resolve if a full trailer is not required
  • Static background image, 1920x1080

* If a Premium Billboard is running SOV on IMDb, it is considered a Premium Takeover, which requires a Rectangle companion unit as well as a Leaderboard and Tall Banner. If not running SOV, the Rectangle will not run as a companion to the Billboard. *

Creative Guidelines

526x250 Resolve State

A large-format static unit, positioned above the site. This is where all text, title treatments, legal, and CTAs should live within the product. Any character imagery (specifically character faces) should also fit primarily in this space.

  • Placement: Top of page
  • Dimensions: 526x250

Safe Zone (highlighted in red)

Example of 526x250 Resolve State Safe Zone

✔ Do:

  • Keep all messaging, title treatments, and CTAs within the 526x250 safe area
  • Include one clearly defined CTA

✘ Do not:

  • Include hover states on buttons/CTAs
  • Include animated messaging and/or title treatments

Trailer Video

A 444x250 video that fills the left side of the billboard image. Up to 30 seconds of muted autoplay, and 5 minutes of user-initiated video.

While auto-playing, the trailer must include a 'replay with sound' icon (or text). During user-initiated play, the trailer video uses standard video controls (play/pause button, mute/unmute button, and a scrubber) which must be visible on hover.

  • Placement: Top of page
  • Dimensions: 444x250
  • Length: up to 30 seconds of autoplay, and up to 5 minutes (300 seconds) of user-initiated video

Safe Zone (highlighted in red)

Example of Trailer Video Safe Zone

✔ Do:

  • Use video that is engaging and provides context to the title
  • Provide a 444x250 video to ensure all messaging, subtitles, logos, and text elements within the video do not get cropped

✘ Do not:

  • Include a baked-in play, replay, or close button

Trailer Slate

A still from the 444x250 trailer which serves as an end card when the trailer video ends.

By default, the trailer slate has an overlay which states that the video can be replayed with audio. This overlay is non-optional and must indicate to the user that on click, the trailer will replay with sound.

  • Placement: Top of page
  • Dimensions: 444x250

Safe Zone (highlighted in red)

Example of Trailer Slate Safe Zone

✔ Do:

  • Provide a still that features character or background scenery

✘ Do not:

  • Include any buttons, logos, messaging or CTAs within the still

Static 970x250 Billboard

A large-format static unit, positioned above the site. This is an IAB standard billboard ad size, and is served to any user that does not see the full animated version (limited bandwidth, viewing on iPad, etc.).

  • Placement: Top of page
  • Dimensions: 970x250

Safe Zone (highlighted in red)

Example of Static 970x250 Billboard Safe Zone

✔ Do:

  • Provide a standard 970x250 billboard ad
  • Provide 1 CTA

✘ Do not:

  • Include a space for a trailer video
  • Include more than 1 CTA

Static Background

This is an image that will live behind the ad and site content on IMDb. It should be static and should serve to enhance the billboard, not detract from it. No character faces, logos, messaging, or legal should be anywhere in the background. If a wrap is included in the creative, the Premium Billboard does NOT require a 1px border.

By default, the background does not scroll down the page with the user, but fades to a solid color. If a fixed background is desired, please request that functionality in the creative brief.

  • Placement: Behind Billboard and IMDb site content, visible surrounding content
  • Dimensions: 1920x1080

Safe Zone (highlighted in red - pink area denotes area that may be cut off on smaller browsers)

Example of Static Background Safe Zone

✔ Do:

  • Provide relevant pattern, texture, or colored assets
  • Keep in mind that while the dimensions of the full image are 1920x1080, some elements may get cut off on smaller browsers

✘ Do not:

  • Include additional messaging or character faces in the background anywhere
  • Include CTAs in the background (they will not be clickable)

Asset Specifications

Serving: 1st party and 3rd party
Core Dimensions: 970x250
File weight limit of backup elements:

  • Billboard Frame: 2mb
  • Static Billboard: 2mb
  • Trailer Video: 50mb
  • Trailer Still: 2mb
  • Static Background: 2mb

Supported Devices: Desktop only
Supported Date Messaging: Up to 5 unique date messages
Autoplay Duration: Maximum of 30 seconds total
Autoplay Frequency: Displays once per 24 hours
User Initiated Video Play Duration: Maximum of 5 minutes (300 seconds)

Photoshop Templates

Production Timeline

IMDb Ad Production Timelines account for the number of business days it will take to produce an ad unit. Ad Production Timelines include all typical phases of an ad lifecycle such as booking, design, trafficking and testing. Timelines vary depending on who is responsible for designing the ad unit.

* All timelines begin when design assets are received and approved by IMDb
* All timelines end when the ad unit is live on IMDb properties.

  • Client-Designed: 10 days
  • IMDb Designed: 10 days

Asset Deliverables

If building a 3rd-party served ad, please follow the guidelines provided by your publisher.

Each ad execution has unique requirements necessary to produce the individual unit. Failure to provide assets in compliance with the guidelines and technical specifications will impact launch dates.

  • Client Designed
    • * Final designed IMDb Premium Billboard PSD template
    • Fonts in .otf or .ttf format
    • Video files .mp4 or h.264 (we do not support ProRes format)
    • Messaging, CTA, and date schedule
    • Clickthrough link
  • IMDb Designed
    • High resolution layered key art PSDs
    • Layered title treatment (with tagline and cast names if they are to be included in the design)
    • Advertising copy, legal lines, logos, and rating bugs
    • Fonts in .otf or .ttf format
    • Video files .mp4 or h.264 (we do not support ProRes format)
    • Design direction and/or pre-existing ad units for reference
    • Brand guidelines
    • Clickthrough link