Use a scrolling carousel of tiles to introduce multiple features or products.

Page structure

Carousel landing pages are constructed of standard Fire TV Landing Page components.

Layouts (view more)

Carousel 2 tiles


  • Carousels may contain between 2 and 10 tiles. When the customer scrolls right, the selected tile aligns to the left, allowing the customer to see additional content that may have previously been offscreen.
  • The header image animates upward and fades into place upon initial load of the landing page.

3. Tile accessory text (optional)

  • Limited text content may be shown below each tile, when selected.
  • An image is shown behind all other content.
  • To ensure the route to exit an ad is clear, an exit hint must be included in the bottom right corner of the page.

Additional Options:

  • A video may be shown before the page appears.


Xbox One S

Stream Amazon Originals in 4k on Xbox One S.

Stream Amazon Originals in 4k on Xbox One S.

Other layouts

Carousel - 3 tiles and 4 tiles
Carousel 5 titles and Minimum title

Asset Checklist

  • High-res layered .PSD files (product shots and/or lifestyle imagery)
  • Logos (vector format, .ai or .eps)
  • Any backgrounds or key art
  • Fonts (.otf or .ttf)
  • Advertising copy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Video files (see specs)

Creative Refreshes

The content of Fire TV Landing Pages can be refreshed once per quarter. This creative refresh can include a single update to any or all of the supported components. The SLA for a refresh is 10 days.

Campaign Landing Pages

Fire TV Landing pages are tailored to make the most of TV screens and navigation.

For more information on landing pages that are accessible from Amazon’s website, mobile apps, and tablet devices, please see Campaign Landing Pages.